What should a 3-year-old girl with gout not eat? This stuff in the soup is very dangerous. Do not give it to the child.

gout? When you hear this word, do you think it is a disease of the elderly? You feel that it is very far away from us, let alone imagine that it will happen to children. But do mommies and daddies know? Gout is no longer a \”senile disease\” because it is becoming \”younger\”, and the incidence rate in children is rising sharply! A doctor from a hospital in Guangdong said: \”In the past, I didn\’t see a single child suffering from gout for a whole year. Now, almost every week, children come to the hospital for treatment due to gout.\” No, a 3-year-old girl was unable to walk due to gout… Case Recently, a pediatrician from Huizhou Central People\’s Hospital\’s circle of friends has aroused the attention of many parents: he just received a 3-year-old child with swelling and pain in both lower limb joints. During a physical examination, both ankle joints were swollen and tender. After asking about the medical history, I know that the child has been drinking 2 bowls of stew every day for more than 3 years since he was over 1 year old. His uric acid level was over 500 due to leg pain… 3-year-old Xiao Min (pseudonym) has been loved since birth. In order to supplement nutrition, the child My grandparents cooked soup for Xiao Min in different ways every day. From about 1 year old to now, I have to drink 2 bowls of soup every day. But half a year ago, Xiao Min began to suffer from \”foot pain\” intermittently. Her family mistakenly thought it was caused by a bump, and since she got better after resting, they didn\’t pay much attention to it. But on the evening of November 16, Xiao Min developed foot pain again after drinking tofu pudding, but this time it was different from the previous times. Xiao Min’s ankle joints were red and swollen, and she could not walk at all. In addition, Xiao Min cried When the commotion continued, the family immediately sent the child to the pediatric department of Huizhou Central People\’s Hospital for treatment. After a doctor’s diagnosis, Xiao Min’s symptoms were caused by gout. The reason for this situation, in addition to her father\’s genetic history of gout, is also related to the fact that the child drinks two bowls of stew every day. Why is this? The doctor explained: \”For Xiao Min, family inheritance is a high-risk factor, and two bowls of Laohuo soup a day are a \”catalyst\” that makes her who is already prone to high uric acid develop gout faster and earlier. What she ate that day Tofu curd is also a high-purine plant protein, so it became the trigger of her gout attack. Currently, she is completing relevant examinations and receiving hospitalization. (Case source: Dongjiang Times, Beijing News) Why does high purine induce Gout? Laohuo soup, seafood, beef and mutton, carbonated drinks and functional drinks, etc., can easily induce gout. This is because high-purine foods and drinks will increase uric acid in the human body, and uric acid will form when the concentration reaches a certain level. Crystals slowly accumulate in soft tissues, causing inflammation in the body and triggering gout. In fact, if the diet is reasonable, it will generally not cause the disease. However, long-term and excessive drinking can easily cause gout problems in children. Xiao Min in the case is exactly Gout is caused by genetics and long-term and excessive consumption of high-purine foods. In addition to high-purine foods and genetics, overnutrition and obesity are also common factors that cause gout in children. So, what are the symptoms of gout in children? Gout in children is very difficult to judge. Because the symptoms are not obvious, and even lack the basic manifestations of gouty arthritis, such as no obvious symptoms of tophi. Therefore, if parents find that their babies often have foot pain, they should seek medical diagnosis as soon as possible. When the baby\’s joints have severe pain, redness, swelling, If you have fever or difficulty moving,Represents the onset of acute illness. If you have to wait until this time to seek medical treatment, not only will the baby suffer, but it will also make it more difficult to cure the disease. Moreover, the biggest impact of childhood gout attacks on the baby is that it hinders the healthy development of bones. Parents do not pay attention to it, which worsens the symptoms. In extreme cases, it may cause lifelong mobility impairment! What can parents do to prevent gout in children? 1. Avoid high-purine foods. Try to prevent your baby from drinking old fire soup, gravy soup, and eating deep-sea fish. Eat seafood, beef and mutton in moderation, and pay attention to the combination of vegetables and a balanced diet. The diet focuses on dairy products, eggs, freshwater fish, pork, chicken, etc.; 2. Eat less snacks. High-sugar, high-fat, and high-calorie foods will also increase the production of uric acid, so parents are best to let their babies eat less or not eat or drink fructose drinks. , candies and puffed foods; 3. A light diet For children, the diet should focus on the principles of less oil, less sugar, and less condiments. The cooking methods should be steaming, boiling, and stir-frying as much as possible, and try to avoid eating fried foods. 4. Appropriate hydration and exercise. Appropriate water intake and exercise can help excretion of uric acid and are also one of the measures to prevent gout in children. Those whose family members have a history of gout should pay more attention to prevention! Because these babies are more likely to suffer from gout than other babies, and the age of onset is also earlier. You think you are feeding a nutritious soup, but in fact it is a disease-causing soup! Do not blindly give your children supplements at any time, let alone give them ginseng, wolfberry, cordyceps and other supplements, because the physique of infants and young children is not suitable for eating such things. Blind supplementation will only make your love become a \”murderer\” that harms your baby.

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