What should babies eat to replenish blood if they are zinc deficient or anemic? The doctor recommended this supplement…

Question 1: My baby boy is one year and four months old and has zinc deficiency and moderate anemia. The doctor prescribed blood supplements, but the iron smell may be too strong. I vomited every time I took the medicine, and then I stopped taking it. Can you recommend a blood tonic that is easy for children to accept? In addition, when purchasing zinc supplements, yeast zinc granules and yeast zinc gel candies are recommended. Which zinc supplement is more effective? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Anemia affects the development of children and must be corrected by taking medicine as soon as possible. For anemia, you can take iron dextran or children\’s compound Sivia Iron Powder. These medicines are sweet and easy for children to accept. You can also continue to take existing blood-replenishing medicines at home, and add some juice to your children to improve the taste. It is not recommended to take zinc yeast to supplement children\’s zinc. It is not easy to absorb. You can use zinc lysine. Question 2: The baby is 29 days old. He feeds frequently, farts, and there are a lot of milk flaps in his farts. I couldn\’t sleep well, and my face was often red from holding back. I can use my little feet to push myself up. Is this normal? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If the baby\’s weight increases by more than 2 pounds, these problems are not serious. You can give your child Mommy\’s Aikakan, 1/3 bag each time, twice a day. It is also recommended to supplement vitamin AD to promote calcium absorption. If breastfeeding, make sure the mother eats a light, non-greasy diet. Question 3: Why do babies who are over 7 months old always have barbs on their fingers? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: Check the blood routine to see if there is anemia. If the child does not have anemia, this situation is usually because the child likes to play with things and does not take good care of his hands. You can wash your hands with warm water at night, cut off the barbs and apply erythromycin ointment.

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