What should I do if a couple quarrels and has a cold war? No matter who wins or loses, it’s always the children who lose.

Being a parent is a practice. You must be as pious as a pilgrim, be mentally prepared to bow every three steps, and kowtow every five steps, without fear of difficulties and walking on thin ice. My child, this is your faith. No parent does not want their children to be happy throughout their lives, and whether a person is happy throughout his or her life depends to a large extent on whether the family environment in childhood is happy and harmonious. Psychology believes that most of the scars in a person\’s life are the reflection of his family of origin. The worst thing that affects family harmony is parents quarreling. The fear of parents quarreling will be deeply imprinted in the children\’s hearts. My best friend\’s daughter is only five years old. She has big eyes and dazzling eyes. She looks pitiful and very timid. Once I was watching her play at her house. The little girl accidentally knocked over the tea can on the table and spilled a can of tea leaves on the floor. While the child was hurriedly holding up the tea can, he looked at his best friend\’s bedroom in horror, and begged me: \”Auntie, please don\’t tell mom, okay?\” \”It\’s okay, mom won\’t blame you.\” I comforted her. \”Mom will get angry. When she gets angry, she will quarrel with dad. Please don\’t tell her…\” Her eyes were filled with tears, and they were full of fear and pleading, which made me almost unable to bear to look at her. Later, I told my best friend about this and she cried. How to Improve Emotional Intelligence Education Cloud Bread Cartoon Full Episode Video 1080P Ultra HD 156 Episodes 37GB She said that she became angry when she saw her husband drinking and playing cards. She couldn\’t help blaming her husband for trivial things that happened at home. The two of them quarreled. Get up and scare the child. In such an environment, my five-year-old daughter has grown into a timid, quiet and sensible child who is careful to read people\’s faces. For the sake of your children, keep them away from quarrels and create a good relationship between husband and wife. Parents will leave, children will go far away, and only your partner is the one who will hold your hand and accompany you through this life. Not only for your children, but also for your happiness and stability in the rest of your life, you need a good relationship as husband and wife. Years of getting along with each other will make the life of a couple boring. You might as well bring a little surprise into your life from time to time. Prepare a lovely little gift for your wife/husband according to your preferences, and say a few thoughtful words of love, like Add a little lubricant to life. At the same time, remember to maintain a good image for your partner in front of the children, do not speak ill of him in front of the children, do not dismantle him, and tell the children the advantages of his mother/father. He is a very good person and a role model worth learning from. . Create a good family environment A family, in addition to the relationship between husband and wife, parent-child relationship, often also derives other relatives such as the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. When your partner has conflicts with your parents or relatives, don\’t let them have a direct conflict. It is best for you to actively communicate. After all, you are their only connection. They were just strangers at first, but they became a family just because they all love you. It is your responsibility to mediate the relationship between them. Couples need some alone time. Couples need some alone time. It can be that after the children fall asleep at night, the husband and wife stay together quietly, talk a little about their concerns, understand each other, and comfort each other. Or choose a day on the weekend to leave work, kids, and other worries behind, spend a beautiful day as a couple, go to scenic spots, play in the amusement park, have a candlelight dinner together, and spend private time for two in the hotel. If you have conflicts, don\’t resolve them in front of your children. When husband and wife are alone, resolve their conflicts in a good and orderly environment. After returning home, face your children with a gentle and happy smile. Differences are inevitable between husband and wife, but at least one thing is the same goal for us: the happiness of our children. What can be more important than children? In fact, every disagreement between husband and wife is not only a test of the tacit understanding between the two parties, but also an opportunity for each other to understand each other better. You might as well discuss the matter and let the two of you stand on a united front to protect the growth of your child. Download all 65 episodes of Children’s Educational Cartoon Ranking: The Gambling Family

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