What should I do if my baby coughs and has phlegm? These 7 types of foods must not be eaten during this period!

In addition to symptomatic treatment during the baby\’s cough period, another very important aspect is diet. If you eat right, your baby will recover quickly. If the diet is incorrect, the baby\’s cough will worsen. The following foods must not be eaten during a cough. Candies and candies must not be eaten, even a small one. Candy is sweet and can produce phlegm. If a child eats candy during a cough, it will aggravate the cough. I didn\’t know before that after feeding Douyao a very bitter cough medicine, I would give him a candy to appease him. Because of this method, it is not difficult for Douyao to take medicine. But I found that every time I gave her medicine, her cough would get worse. At first, I didn\’t connect the two things between eating sugar and having a severe cough. Later, when I took her to see the doctor, I asked the doctor specifically. The doctor gave me a harsh scolding and said that I was completely messing around. \”If you do this, it will affect the efficacy of the medicine, and the sugar is so sweet and greasy, won\’t it further irritate the child\’s throat and make her cough?\” From then on, I never dared to give her any sugar during Douya\’s cough, no matter how soft it was. Hard candies or marshmallows were not allowed, and overly sweet fruits were only given to him after he recovered. Although cakes are very tempting, they contain a lot of sugar and margarine. These creams contain a lot of trans fatty acids, which will cause a burden on the body if eaten regularly. If eaten during a cough, it will produce dampness and phlegm. So be sure not to give it to your baby. Fish, shrimp, seafood, fish, shrimp and seafood are rich in nutrients. We usually feed our babies more to supplement nutrients, but we cannot eat them when they have a cough. Why is this? As the saying goes: \”Fish makes fire, and meat makes phlegm.\” After eating fish, the lungs will be unbearable, the cough will be aggravated, and the burden on the gastrointestinal tract will be increased. Mothers must not think that eating fish is to supplement nutrition for the baby, as it will not cure the cough. There are no benefits. Fried foods should be eaten less. Fried foods are high in oil and heat, which will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, especially when you have a cough. Mothers should mainly eat light food, preferably clear porridge and vegetables that reduce heat, and give the baby more food. Fatty food and fatty meat can produce dampness and phlegm, and can also aggravate the symptoms of spleen deficiency and lung heat. When children have a cold, our diet should be adjusted. We should not eat as much fish and meat as usual. Not only will this not make the child sick, Once the cough is cured, it will continue to drag on. If the cough turns into bronchitis, it will be even more difficult to cure. Foods such as cheese cheese cakes and cheese pizza can also produce dampness and phlegm, which can turn yin deficiency into heat, so these foods cannot be given to babies. Hot fruits such as longan, mango, durian, pineapple, jackfruit, lychee, etc. should not be eaten during a cough, because most coughs in babies are caused by lung heat. These fruits are hot fruits and will only add fuel to the fire. Oil. Apart from these, you can still eat more fruits to replenish your baby\’s body water in time. Having said so many things not to eat, let’s talk about the recommended foods to eat during a cough! Porridge, yam porridge is a good porridge to cure cough. Yams are rich in starch and protein, and the mucilage in them has a lubricating effect on the throat and can treat chronic cough due to lung deficiency. This is a traditional medicinal meal, which is best eaten when a cough is about to get better. Walnuts Walnuts can nourish the kidneys and relieve qi and help with coughingCough will recover, so mothers can peel a few walnuts for their babies to eat every day. Eggs, milk, eggs and milk are nutritional supplements for children. You should not stop during the cough. With some light meals, I believe your baby\’s cough will be cured soon!

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