What should I do if my baby gets tooth decay even if he doesn’t eat sugar? This bad habit must be changed

Question 1: My baby is two years and four months old. He has the habit of drinking milk before going to bed at night. There are cavities in the middle front teeth. What should I do? Do you need fillings? Dr. He Jiexin answered: The child’s tooth surface does not look very serious, but the gums require dental consultation. Check to see if there are any problems inside the teeth and treat them accordingly. Nowadays, children’s dental health care advocates prompt treatment of bad teeth in children, which will have an impact on the development and replacement of teeth in subsequent children. It is recommended to wean before going to bed. Drinking milk before going to bed at night can easily cause tooth decay. In addition, it will put a burden on the child\’s spleen and stomach, which is not conducive to sleep and has an impact on growth and development. If the baby has difficulty adapting for a while, you can try to communicate with the baby and start by reducing the amount of milk. Gradually reduce the amount of milk every day and make it more dilute. Your baby\’s teeth should be brushed when the first tooth begins to appear. If you don\’t accept brushing, you can first use cotton balls or cotton swabs dipped in saline to clean your child\’s teeth. Later, you should gradually develop the habit of brushing your teeth every night. Question 2: My baby girl is almost one year old. I found that whenever I take off the diaper in the past two days, she will grab her lower body with her hands. When I changed her diaper today, I noticed a little leucorrhea, like egg white. What\’s going on? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: Based on your description, it is considered that inflammation in the baby’s private parts may be caused by not paying attention to hygiene. It is recommended not to use diapers for the time being, wash them with warm water every day, apply erythromycin ointment directly to the vulva, 3-4 times a day. Wait 2-3 days to see if it recovers. You can use diapers after recovery. Take care first. If the medicine has no effect, it is recommended to take the baby to the gynecologist to check the secretions. Question 3: The baby has pimples on his body, which disappear for a while and then grow back again. I went to the hospital and the doctor said it was urticaria. Why do I get urticaria? How to treat it? Dr. Zhang Yanmei’s answer: It is considered that allergies cause urticaria. It may be that the baby is allergic to the food he eats or something he comes into contact with. You can give your baby Cetirizine syrup, 2.5ml once a day. Apply calamine lotion externally to the baby\’s affected area. It is recommended not to feed your baby any protein-containing foods in the past few days, such as eggs, milk, meat, tofu, etc., and eat less fruits. You can eat some vegetables, steamed buns, and soup. Don’t add any seasonings other than salt to the vegetables.

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