What should I do if my baby has a nosebleed?

Question 1 Why does my son keep having nosebleeds? It\’s been quite frequent recently. Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: You can check whether you have rhinitis or sinusitis, and do a blood test and coagulation function. If the platelets and coagulation function are normal, consider the most common nosebleed caused by dry and ruptured nasal mucosa. When the nasal mucosa is dry and the pressure increases when coughing, sneezing, rubbing the nose, etc., the capillaries will rupture and bleed. If there is nothing wrong with the test, apply sesame oil or erythromycin eye ointment to the inner wall of the nasal cavity after cleaning it every day to keep the nasal cavity moist and repair the broken ends of the ruptured blood vessels so that they will not bleed so easily. Question 2: The baby is five and a half months old and is exclusively breastfed. If my baby is very interested in watching adults eat, is it necessary to try adding complementary foods? Or wait and see? In the past two days, my baby\’s poop has been a bit white and transparent, but not yellowish-green. Is it necessary to intervene? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If the gastrointestinal function is good, you can feed with milk powder first (to help the child get used to milk powder in the future). Once you get used to it, you can gradually add fortified iron rice powder. If the baby has a bowel movement problem and the frequency of bowel movements does not increase, parents do not need to intervene. Question 3: My daughter keeps coughing. The cough was so severe that she went to a small hospital. The doctor said she didn’t need injections. What should I do? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: There are many reasons for cough, including allergies and infections, and they need to be treated on a case-by-case basis. It is recommended to take your child for a check-up. If you are allergic, you do not need antibiotic treatment. The infection must be distinguished from bacterial viruses or mycoplasma, and the medications are different.

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