What should I do if my baby has foreign bodies in his throat, lots of boogers, and coughs?

Question 1 Doctor, my son was born 50 days ago. In the past two days, he sometimes spits bubbles in his mouth and has a lot of secretions in his mouth. Sometimes he coughs a few times as if his throat is stuck, as if there is something in his throat and boogers in his nose. My feeding and mental state are normal, but I occasionally vomit milk. What\’s going on? Dr. Wang Yanli’s answer: After the full moon, children consume more milk, grow and develop rapidly, and may twist, squeak, and other movements. When twisting, the stomach will be squeezed and they will vomit milk. When spitting milk, a small amount of milk will be choked out from the nasal cavity, which can form boogers with nasal secretions. In addition, a small amount of milk may choke into the trachea, but it will be absorbed slowly. Blowing bubbles and feeling sticky and uncomfortable in the mouth will cause symptoms like this. You can try drinking water after each feeding to rinse the mouth, which is equivalent to gargling the child\’s mouth. If the throat sounds dirty, you can try using a spoon to feed the saliva so that the child can swallow it actively, and then it will be fine, or lie down and pat the child on the back to stimulate him to spit it out. Question 2: My baby is 1 year and 10 months old. Yesterday he fell down from a bed over 1 meter high and broke his forehead. The baby has no abnormalities for the time being. Will the doctor have any sequelae? Also, my baby’s right foot is a little splayed out, what should I do? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If the child is currently in a normal mental state and does not have vomiting or drowsiness, the problem is not serious and there will generally be no sequelae. If your child still has foot problems after being able to walk for half a year, it is recommended to go to an orthopedic department for orthopedic measures. Question 3: My baby is over 5 months old. After taking milk powder for a period of time, he will vomit milk and have milk flaps. What is going on? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: This situation is considered to be indigestion. It is recommended that the baby eat smaller meals more often and massage the belly in a clockwise direction with the navel as the center every day. Parents can help their babies massage a few more times and take compound pepsin granules to condition them.

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