What should I do if my baby has poor appetite if he doesn’t eat in summer?

For mothers, the most worrying thing in the dog days of summer is the problem of feeding their children. There are many ways to cool down when it is hot, but how to solve the problem of poor appetite? Today, Doudehui will teach you a few ways to solve the problem of children having difficulty eating in summer. 01 Children have poor appetite in summer, which may be due to the following reasons: 1. Climate reasons: The weather in summer is hot and humid, and the humidity is heavier than usual, so our bodies are in a state of heat and humidity. Children\’s spleen and stomach are inherently delicate. When the external dampness and heat evil qi increases, their spleen and stomach will become even weaker due to the influence of moisture. As a result, the child will show decreased appetite, poor appetite, and eat less. 2 Reduced demand In fact, during the dog days of summer, not to mention children, even adults’ appetite will decrease. This is due to the high temperature in the dog days of summer, which reduces the amount of calories required by the human body, and the sense of hunger will also decrease accordingly. This also explains why people often feel \”hungry\” in winter and want to hoard calories, but they don\’t feel \”hungry\” in summer. 3Sweets In summer, I believe every household will prepare some ice cream, drinks and other sweets to cool down. If there are younger children at home, parents can still control their intake of sweets, but if they are older children, they may secretly eat a lot without their parents noticing. In fact, eating too much cold drinks will not only hurt the spleen and stomach, but the sugar in them will also make children feel full. At the same time, cold drinks will also delay the digestion time of food in the digestive tract, both of which will reduce children\’s appetite. 02 To increase appetite, you can eat like this. We all know that eating more acidic foods in summer can promote fluid production and appetite, so you can prepare more acidic foods for your children. 1. When cooking, add an appropriate amount of vinegar. Mothers can add an appropriate amount of vinegar to the dishes to increase the acidity of the dishes, thereby achieving an appetizing effect. In addition, because there are more bacteria in summer, it is also a period of high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases. Vinegar has a certain antibacterial ability. When cooking, adding a few drops of vinegar will also be helpful to gastrointestinal health. Doudehui knows that many families are accustomed to eating cool vegetables in summer. Common ingredients include cucumbers and mung bean sprouts. However, eating too much cold food can damage the spleen and stomach, so it is recommended to add a small amount of shredded ginger to neutralize it when cooking these dishes. 2. Eat more sour foods. In addition to adding vinegar, there are also many common fruits and vegetables in life that are a bit sour, which are also suitable for eating in summer. For example: tomatoes, plums, hawthorn. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! Among them, tomatoes are the most popular among children. Whether eaten raw or paired with other ingredients, the sweet and sour taste is very appetizing. If your child doesn\’t like vegetables or rice, you can also use tomatoes and add some beef or other meat. In this way, you will have protein and carbohydrates, and it will be nutritious and delicious. In addition, some summer cooling drinks are also essential. Like the black plums mentioned by Doudehui, you can make sour plum soup. The method is as follows: Although homemade sour plum soup is healthier than the ones sold outside, it is highly acidic and is not suitable for children to drink too much. Children over 8 years oldIt is more suitable for children to drink once every 1-2 weeks. It is not recommended for children under 8 years old. 3. Eat more dehumidifying foods. As mentioned earlier, heavy moisture is an important reason for children’s loss of appetite. Therefore, in addition to eating more sour foods, we can also give children some dehumidifying foods. For example: lotus seeds, red beans, winter melon, crucian carp, yam, barley, etc. Red beans and lotus seeds can be made into red bean porridge and white fungus and lotus seed soup for children to drink in the morning. Here we also recommend a dehumidifying soup: winter melon, barley and pork ribs soup. Interested mothers can follow the recipe below to make it. 03In addition to dietary supplements, we can also improve children\’s poor appetite by massaging some acupuncture points. It is recorded in the \”Pediatric Massage Sutra\” that Banmen point is used to treat shortness of breath, gas pain, vomiting and distension, coldness in the small intestine, etc. Therefore, rubbing Banmen can strengthen the spleen and stomach, digest food and relieve stagnation, and relieve symptoms such as loss of appetite and diarrhea. Position: Thenar area of ​​the palm Massage technique: Massage frequency: 200-300 times a day with moderate intensity. In addition to the Banmen point, there is another acupoint in the Sihengzhao that can guide digestion and eliminate food accumulation. It is the Sihengzhao. Position: Four horizontal lines on the first knuckle of the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger. Massage technique: Use the nails of the thumb to pinch and rub the four horizontal lines one by one. Massage frequency: pinch and rub 10 times a day. The weather in summer is sultry, especially in the dog days of summer. It is normal for children to have poor appetite due to heavy humidity. Parents only need to pay more attention to their diet, such as making more sour, sweet and dehumidifying foods, to improve their children\’s poor appetite. At the same time, you can also massage some acupuncture points to relieve children\’s problems of loss of appetite and food accumulation. What kind of dishes do you cook for your children during the dog days of summer?

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