What should I do if my baby is stuck in a fishbone? The correct approach is…

Problem 1: The baby is two and a half years old. Without paying attention to him, he took a bite of the fish on the table and got stuck on the fish bone. At that time, I vomited a little, my face was a little red, I coughed up some blood, and the baby was very uncomfortable and kept retching, so I gave him some steamed buns and drank milk. Now he doesn\’t vomit, is in good spirits, and can see that he eats normally. Sorry, are the fish bones still stuck in your throat? If I swallow it, do I need to go to the hospital for further examination? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: If you are really worried or have any abnormalities, take your baby to the hospital in time to confirm where the fish bone is stuck. In the future, do not place fish within reach of your baby. In fact, when a baby has a fish bone stuck in his throat, it is most not recommended to swallow steamed buns or rice, because it is likely to push the shallow fish bone deeper, make it stuck tighter, and make it more difficult to remove. The vinegar drinking method is also not recommended! Although the acetic acid in vinegar will indeed soften fish bones, the acetic acid content in a bottle of vinegar is only about 5%. With such a low content, it may be effective for the baby to drink a large tank of vinegar. On the contrary, if the baby\’s throat and esophagus are scratched by fish bones, drinking vinegar will not only fail to soften the fish bones, but will irritate the wound, burn the baby\’s esophagus, and cause ulcers. The correct approach is to sit in front of the otolaryngology and rhinology department and eat fish. Well…if it\’s actually a small fish bone, let the baby cough as hard as possible, so that it may come out. If the fish bone is not visible or the fish bone is large and deeply located, it is best to ask an otolaryngologist to remove it. For babies, the fish bones must be removed before eating fish, or fish with fewer fish bones, such as cod, salmon, etc. Question 2: Hello doctor, my baby girl is one year and one month old. Recently, the inside of her vulva has been red and there are many red spots. What can I do to get better quickly? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: It may be eczema, which is related to wearing diapers or not changing diapers/diapers in time. It is recommended not to use diapers for the time being. Wash the baby\’s private parts with warm water every day, dry them (you can also use a hair dryer) and then apply erythromycin ointment for relief. Question 3: Hello, doctor, my child is just one month old. His lower lip trembles when he cries. In the past few days, he dances around while feeding or lying on the bed, and he still hums as if he is exerting himself. What is going on? Dr. Sun Cuiying answered: It may be that the muscle tone is a little high. It is recommended to take the baby to the hospital where the baby was born or the maternal and child health hospital for evaluation.

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