What should I do if my baby kicks the quilt while sleeping in winter?

Before giving birth to a baby, the mother was free to go wherever she wanted. After giving birth, the mother did not even have the freedom to sleep. Many times, she did not even dare to sleep too deeply for fear that her own negligence would make the baby sick, especially It’s because everyone around me has been having sex recently, and the feeling of anxiety and fear is simply torturing my mother’s willpower. \”Today you set the alarm clock, and every hour, get up and tuck the baby in.\” I don\’t know when. We even need to have a clear division of labor between husband and wife when it comes to tucking the baby in at night. Ever since the baby was born, I have never had a good night\’s sleep. Before, I was worried that he would be hungry, so I would always feed him in the middle of the night. After finally giving up night feeding when the baby was six months old, I started to tuck him into bed again, especially in the winter, for fear that he would kick the quilt all the time and accidentally catch a cold. It is no exaggeration to say: every night, the baby has to be covered with quilts dozens of times. If I continue like this, I\’m really worried that I won\’t be able to bear it, and I might feel like I\’m going to age five years in an instant. Finally we couldn\’t stand it any longer, and our husband and wife had a dispute for the first time over covering the baby with a quilt at night. In fact, if you think about it, being a parent is really not easy. You have to accompany your child attentively during the day and take care of her at night. Even with such careful companionship and care, there is still a chance that the baby will get sick. Seeing a baby who can\’t speak and only cries when he feels uncomfortable makes parents feel really uncomfortable and wish they could get sick for their baby. Why do babies like to kick the quilt when sleeping in winter? When it comes to kicking the quilt while sleeping, many parents immediately think of \”too hot\” and try to change their children\’s sleeping habits by adjusting the room temperature and replacing thin pajamas and thin quilts. But in fact, when a baby kicks the quilt when sleeping, it is not as simple as \”hot\”. These \”difficulties\” must be understood in advance. ★It is said that children should not fake illness when they are not feeling well. Even in their sleep, they will show their discomfort, and kicking the quilt is the best proof. If there is food accumulation or body itching, the baby will be particularly uncomfortable. If you don\’t sleep well at night, you may move around and push off the quilt unconsciously. ★Too excited before going to bed. Most families arrange parent-child companionship time in the evening. Because parents are busy with work during the day, they can only spend time with their babies before going to bed. In this way, it is easy to get excited before going to bed. Not only is it difficult to fall asleep, but even if you have fallen asleep, your brain system is always in a relatively excited state, and you may not be honest when sleeping. ★Eating too much before going to bed is worried that the baby will wake up at night and affect his sleep quality, so let them eat more before going to bed. This should be a routine operation for many parents. Although parents have good intentions, they ignore the problem of not digesting too much food before going to bed, which will affect the baby\’s sleep. ★Sensory integration disorder In addition to these external factors, the baby\’s own health risks may also occur, such as sensory integration disorder. If you observe carefully, you will find that these babies\’ fine movements are lagging behind and it is difficult to concentrate. From this point of view, it is not that babies want to push off the quilt when sleeping, but that they do have \”difficulties\”. The focus right now is to help babies solve their sleep problems, because good sleep quality not only affects the growth and development of babies, but also affects their mental health, especiallyimportant. 6 classic scientific enlightenment cartoons for children, which are also loved by illiterate children. If you want your baby to sleep well, you must develop a good bedtime ritual. It is directly related to your baby\’s sleep quality, so habits are really important. . Before going to bed, try not to play strenuous or exciting games with your baby, and choose relatively quiet and soothing parent-child activities. Even babies at a young age can choose parent-child reading projects to gradually increase their interest in reading. The bedtime should be fixed. For the sake of your baby\’s health, you must be prepared before going to bed around 9pm every night, and then develop a healthy biological clock. Parents will find that when the bedtime becomes fixed, the baby will show a desire to sleep at that time and slowly form a memory. If you want your baby to sleep well, the sleeping environment is very important. The external environment is also an important factor affecting your baby\’s sleep. Parents should pay more attention to it. When sleeping, there is no need to worry about your baby catching cold. They are very smart and will carefully stay in bed if it is really cold. So just wear breathable underwear, there is no need to wear too thick clothes. The heating is turned on in the winter in the north, so the room is relatively dry. Be sure to be prepared for humidification, otherwise the baby\’s skin will be uncomfortable. There is really no need for the indoor temperature to be too high. It is best to keep it at 20°C. Coupled with a quilt of moderate thickness, it is simply the best standard for sleeping. By the way, be sure to turn off the lights when sleeping. Many parents worry that their babies are scared or find it inconvenient to get up at night, so they reserve a night light. It’s time to correct this habit. Indoor light will also affect your baby’s sleep, and most importantly, its growth. If you want your baby to have a good night\’s sleep, what are some tips and tricks that moms have? Youyou\’s mother: When sleeping at night, put small socks on your baby and expose her feet. This can effectively reduce the number of times she pushes against the quilt. Beibei’s mother: When sleeping, the baby will wear a cotton sleeping bag. Even if she accidentally steps on the quilt, she doesn’t have to worry about catching a cold, which is very convenient. Qiqi’s mother: The baby’s lunch will be arranged as late as possible, and the baby will eat a relatively large amount of food. Of course, you will not let your baby sleep immediately after eating, but you will play with her for a while to promote food digestion. Must-read parenting books for parents recommended: Don’t Think You Understand Your Child’s Heart e-book download Regarding the issue of babies sleeping on the quilt, many parents have gone from being helpless at first to now accepting it. In fact, excluding health problems, it is not that difficult to get your baby to sleep peacefully. As long as you provide your baby with a comfortable sleeping environment and sleeping habits, anything is possible.

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