What should I do if my baby’s eyelids are red and swollen? Don’t use medicine indiscriminately!

Question: A child is two and a half years old. Two days ago, he noticed redness and swelling in his lower eyelids. Then he went to the hospital and applied erythromycin eye ointment, and took Cephalosporin and Qingkailing tablets. Today he found that the inside of his lower eyelids was red. Do I need eye drops? ? Doctor Yang Yafeng answered: The baby\’s eye condition is caused by inflammatory stimulation. Erythromycin ointment is permeable and can work when applied outside. Eye drops can be used to help wash away inflammation, but the baby currently takes too many medicines (two groups of antibiotics and one antiviral). Therefore, it is recommended to rinse with normal saline and apply erythromycin on the lower eyelids. In addition, the peak period of inflammation has not yet reached, so parents are not recommended to stimulate it. In addition, the effect of the drug has not yet reached a constant level. It is recommended to continue to observe it and change the drug if it does not reduce. Question 2: My child is 4 years old. These days, he keeps saying that his penis is a little sticky. I looked and found nothing. There was no redness or growth. It was not painful or itchy. I washed it with chrysanthemum water and honeysuckle water. The effect is not obvious, what should the doctor do? Dr. Luo Zhen answered: In this case, the baby may not have paid attention to hygiene and may have some inflammation. It is recommended to wash the baby\’s foreskin with berberine water every night before going to bed, gently open the foreskin, and change the underwear once a day. Do not wear crotchless pants and pay attention to hygiene. Question 3: My baby is 1 year and 2 months old. The allergen tested two days ago is: milk and beef allergy. What should I do? What kind of milk powder is good to eat? I also tried goat milk and was allergic to it and got a red rash. Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: Allergy examination should indicate the severity of the allergy. It is recommended to choose milk powder according to the degree of allergy: ■ For mild allergies, you can eat partially hydrolyzed protein milk powder; ■ For moderate allergies, you can eat dehydrolyzed protein milk powder; ■ For severe allergies, you can eat amino acid milk powder ;

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