What should I do if my baby\’s height and weight increase slowly?

Question 1: My baby is now three and a half years old. Recently, his cold and cough are more severe in the middle of the night and in the morning, and he coughs for about an hour each time. During the day, the cough sounds like there is a little phlegm, and at night it is a dry cough. I\’ve had a cold for four or five days, with a runny nose and cough. In addition, my baby is one year and three months old. He currently weighs 18 pounds and has not grown for several months. His height is normal. What should I do? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: The baby can take Feilike mixture and azithromycin dry suspension. Feilike mixture is 7 ml each time, three times a day, and azithromycin once a day. In conjunction with nebulization, use budesonide and terbutaline nebulization twice a day. You can also give honey water to drink once a day in the morning. The baby\’s slow weight growth is related to unbalanced dietary nutrient intake. After one year of age, the main nutrition is food, and 500 ml of milk per day is enough as a complementary food. Food can be eaten for four meals, but it is necessary to ensure that the types of meat, eggs, soy products, vegetables and fruits are richer and the amount is appropriately increased. In particular, protein intake is closely related to height and weight. Question 2: My baby has been nauseous, sticking out his tongue, spitting, and having white coating on his tongue during feeding in the past week. Last night, I was hit by a mobile phone on the upper part of my forehead, which was ten centimeters high. Do I need to go to the hospital for a checkup? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If the baby does not vomit or cry after being hit by a mobile phone and is in a good mental state, then there is no big problem. If your baby feels nauseous while feeding, it may be due to throat inflammation. If there is no inflammation, it is considered to be indigestion, and the child can be given Children\’s Compound Chicken Neijin or Children\’s Xiaoji Oral Liquid. Question 3: I have weaned my child for 25 days, but there is still milk in my breasts. There was a lot of milk in the past ten days, and I expressed the milk every night. Although my breasts have not increased in the past few days, I still have milk. Do I need to express all the milk from my breasts? Dr. Zhang Yanyan’s answer: No need to squeeze it out. The more you squeeze out, the more it will become. Just leave it alone and it will disappear gradually.

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