What should I do if my child bites his fingernails and gets infected?

Question 1: Hello, Dr. Cui! My eldest brother is three years old. Recently, I found that he keeps biting his fingernails, often splitting them. His nails are not as hard as our adults, but very soft. Is this normal? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Biting nails is a matter of habit. It is recommended to go to a large hospital to check for trace elements to see if there is zinc deficiency. In addition, there are a few points to pay attention to: 1. Children are playful and can easily hide dirt and evil in the gaps between their nails. If you bite your nails for a long time, It is easy to cause the nails and the nail bed to grow unable to close together, causing inflammation around the nails, and it is also easy to get the germs into the stomach. Parents should guide them correctly. 2. Eliminate the reasons for the lack of trace elements. Babies will bite their fingers when they are nervous, depressed, frustrated, or have low self-esteem. Pay more attention to the child. 3. It is taboo to reprimand loudly. For older babies, parents can tell them that eating hands and biting nails is a behavior that is neither hygienic nor healthy. Most children can understand it. Secondly, they should help the baby trim their nails in time; for smaller babies, You can use distraction methods, such as painting with your baby, reading picture books, playing with toys, etc. Question 2: Hello doctor! My child, who is over two years old, feels hot on the soles of his feet, feels hot all over his body, and has hot hands, but his head is not warm to the touch and he has diarrhea. What is going on? Dr. Xu Lijuan answered: If the head is not hot, it does not necessarily mean that there is no fever. It is recommended to take the child\’s temperature. If the palms and soles are warm but the body temperature is not high, it is related to the child\’s sympathetic nervous system that is not fully developed. The most common cause of diarrhea is intestinal indigestion. You can give Children should take Mommy\’s Love, one pack at a time, twice a day, and use Ding Guier navel patch externally to see the effect. Question 3: Hello, doctor, I am a 7-month-old baby. Why does the baby\’s hands tremble when he is excited, happy, angry, or stretches? Dr. Pan Guilan answered: The baby\’s neurological development is not perfect, so it doesn\’t make much sense to leave it alone for the time being. If the child still does this after 2 years old, check again.

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