What should I do if my child is afraid of the dark? Teach you 4 simple tips to solve the problem

Although children\’s fear of the dark is not pathological, but a normal and natural psychology in the child\’s growth process, parents also need to provide correct guidance to avoid unnecessary psychological burden on their children. ◆ Listen and understand the child. Parents should listen to the child\’s heart and find out what scares him and what is the reason for his inner uneasiness, so that he can provide targeted help. ◆ Give some “protection” Some children will behave better if they know they have protection they can rely on. For example: leave a night light in the room for the child, or leave one or two dolls that the child has a lot of contact with on weekdays to accompany him to sleep. ◆Block bad information● When telling stories to children, you should selectively select the story content. It is best not to tell too many stories about monsters and monsters. ● Give children positive energy instead of negative intimidation and threats. ● Do not let your children watch scary or weird TV programs. ◆Associate darkness with happiness. Parents can take their children to experience darkness and even create some pleasant memories to enhance their children\’s resistance to fear of the dark. For example, take their children for a walk in the community garden at night to count stars and watch the moon together. Play with toys to help your child adapt to the dark, turn off the lights indoors and listen to music, use a flashlight to play shadow games with your child, etc. When children have fun, they forget about fear. Fear comes from the heart, and companionship is the best encouragement. Doudehui recommends 2 books to parents, which are suitable for children who are afraid of the dark. Remember: the dark is not scary, but the fear of the dark is scary. Can\’t you sleep? A picture book that uses warmth to accompany children to get rid of their fear of the dark. A classic work by Martin Wedel, winner of the 2004 International Hans Christian Andersen Prize for Literature. Big Head Fish\’s Treasure Hunt in the Deep Sea is suitable for parents and children aged 3-6 to read together. With smart expressions, interesting details, humorous dialogues, rhythmic text, and rich colors, a story about overcoming fear and the power of friendship is vividly told on the page, embracing positive energy while laughing.

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