What should I do if my child is not rich, strong and confident in his heart?

\”What is real education?\” \”What can parents do to make their children successful?\” This may be a problem that troubles countless parents. In order to find the answer, producer Mao Sipian spent a year filming \”Life·Growth\”, in which he interviewed 9 outstanding educational practitioners at home and abroad, and described innovative concepts in children\’s education based on personal experience. These ideas may be of some inspiration to you who are anxious and confused. If you don\’t bow your head, you won\’t see your children. After resigning from CCTV, the host \”Uncle Kai\” began to return to his family more. It just so happens that the children at home are also at a lively and active age, and they always like to grab Uncle Kai and won\’t let go, insisting on listening to stories. Uncle Kai recalled the first time he told \”Journey to the West\” to his children. He said that he was full of confidence at the time and specially prepared a manuscript of more than 3,000 words. Unexpectedly, as soon as the story started, my daughter\’s question came: \”Dad, what does this mean?\” \”Dad, I don\’t understand?\” Uncle Kai was a little frustrated, but he had already explained it in the simplest and most straightforward words in his mind. , but the child still doesn’t understand. Later, he made his own product and came into contact with more parents, and finally realized the crux of the problem: because parents often use their own common sense to touch their children\’s first cognition, children cannot communicate with you. When we start from our own perspective, all we can see is the childishness. Just like a concentric circle, the small circles in the inner circle have no idea what the outer circle looks like. But if you change your perspective, or another way, the results may be very different. On a forum, Bao’s mother @dandeliondolltime once mentioned her experience in teaching her daughter arithmetic. At that time, the child didn\’t know how to write the decomposition of 7. He wrote and drew on paper for a long time without any results. The netizen watched for a while, made a bunch of \”popsicle sticks\” and handed them over, and asked the children to associate the numbers with them. The child suddenly understood. He took the popsicle stick and counted 7. After playing with it for less than a minute, the problem was solved. Some netizens asked: Why did she think of using popsicle sticks to help her children? The mother replied: I tried to forcefully explain it before, but the child just didn’t understand. Later she learned that children at that age were still weak in abstract thinking and needed to use concrete objects to help them construct. \”When you encounter a question that doesn\’t make sense, it\’s much easier to use props.\” So, have you discovered it? It’s not that children are stupid, it’s that we don’t know how to educate them. As parents, we often ignore the differences in the way children and adults think, and set excessive demands and expectations for them. If the child does not \”perfectly meet the standards,\” we will criticize and blame the child to the point of causing harm to the child. There is a sentence in \”Smart Education\”: \”Wrong educational cognition creates wrong children, and the impact they have is much more than you imagine.\” Correct education is actually not difficult. As long as we lean down consciously, understand the world that our children know, and use their cognitive level to communicate, our children will truly rely on you, trust you, and think from the bottom of their hearts: \”So mom and dad said this (Doing) is right.” At this time, you are qualified to let him grow up on tiptoes. Education should also have a \”sense of relaxation\” with all parentsJust like a mother, psychologist He Lingfeng can talk endlessly when talking about his daughter. He is often asked: Psychology expert, is it easy to educate children? The answer is naturally no. He said frankly: There will still be problems that children should have. In other words, no matter what your status is, everyone experiences the hardships and pitfalls of family education in the same way. He Lingfeng lamented: There has never been a group of parents at home and abroad who have spent so much time, energy and emotion on their children\’s education as they do now. When enrolling in a \”chicken baby\” class and buying a house in a school district, parents have considered everything for their children, but they have only missed the \”sense of relaxation.\” What is relaxation? Some people summarize it as an indifferent attitude. It is a state of being able to maintain stability in a bad situation, not being anxious or impatient, and facing and solving problems calmly and peacefully. For family education, relaxation is really important. The current state of many of our parents is that of a fully-opened bow, leaving no gaps. And what about the children? They are held tightly in the hands of their parents like arrows, waiting to be launched into the bullseye called the \”College Entrance Examination\” at any time. Only those who are hit by one arrow can achieve perfection. But is the college entrance examination really the only thing that determines life? Ask yourself, as parents, are we afraid that our children will not be able to go to a prestigious school and have a good future? Or do you just transfer the pressure and anxiety of your own survival onto your children, and don\’t believe that they can succeed if they take another path? As psychologist He Lingfeng said: Parents\’ anxiety about their children\’s education is often a reflection of their own anxiety. When a child can\’t spell a pinyin correctly or can\’t solve a math problem, we feel deeply annoyed and disappointed. When I failed in an exam or when I failed to choose a school for admission, I suffered the same pain as my children. But in a long life, this may be just a tiny grain of dust. Instead of getting bogged down in anxiety, take the long view. In addition to academic performance, children\’s physical health, inner wealth, integrity and kindness are also manifestations of the value of parents\’ education. We often say: Raise children slowly and wait for the flowers to bloom. When it comes to education, parents may wish to have more \”relaxation\” and less urgency. Each individual carries his own life. If you really respect your child, you should believe that he will bloom in his own way. Things in the world are ever-changing, and there are many smooth roads. An arrow piercing the clouds and flying up into the sky may not be the child\’s way back. 6980 Yuan Zhang Guowei\’s Comprehensive Parent-child Relationship Skills Recording + Handouts + Quick Notes Love and support are the main themes of parent-child relationship. What is the best thing parents can give their children? The answer from famous cartoonist Cai Zhizhong is: unconditional love and support. From him, we can see a father’s most simple thoughts about his children. \”Whatever you want to try, just be brave. Whatever you want to choose, just be brave. There is no need to worry or worry.\” Cai Wenzhong promised his daughter: You can get zero marks in the test a million times, and it will not change who you are. daughter facts. There are seven billion people in the world. Among these seven billion people, the one who is most willing to help you and the one who actually helps you the most is me. Therefore, if you have made any mistakes or need me to deal with them, tell me as soon as possible and I will definitely not scold you. The love and support accumulated over those years have become the strength for my daughter to move forward bravely.quantity. When she encounters countless choices and difficulties, she can remember that she has her parents behind her and the love of a family supporting her. Education is a practice for parents. All parents are destined to face various problems and conflicts with their children. In the process of tempering again and again, we continue to reflect, learn, and grow to bring better companionship and guidance to our children. Believe me, every small step we take today will become a big step for our children\’s growth tomorrow.

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