What should I do if my child is selfish?

Children are naturally insecure, so they will see a lot of very important things, especially things that do not belong to them. They will pay more attention and will not give up easily, because these things are part of them. Therefore, when children put their own things When they take things seriously, parents must not teach their children how to deal with these small things. Instead, they should guide their children how to deal with these things so that they can learn to respect others. Otherwise, such children are likely to become selfish and even lawless in later life. How should parents deal with these little things? 1. Give these little things to others. When a child finds that something is heavy and needs to be handled, it is best not to teach the child to go home directly, but to give the thing to others. If other people are also children of the child, it would be appropriate to let the children share things with each other. This can make children feel more peaceful, be friendly to others, and allow children to always understand that others are paying and not taking advantage. 2. Don\’t take other people\’s property easily. After the child returns the item, do not directly return the item to others. In addition to hurting others, this will also set a wrong example for children. You should reason with your children and let them understand that they must return things to others. This is the most basic requirement. If you force a child to give it back to someone else, the child will become more selfish. When such children grow up, they will also become indifferent to other people\’s feelings. When a child encounters something like that, he or she has not been taken away by others. Parents need to treat the child with a more peaceful mood. They cannot blame them blindly, which will only make the child feel that he is a very bad child. Cai Lixu talks about Disciple Rules in detail 40 episodes mp4+mp3+pdf full series 5.1GB. At the same time, when communicating with children, try not to say that the children’s things belong to them. This will make the children feel that their parents regard them as other people’s things, which will lead to Rebellious emotions. Some parents may ask, because their children will be selfish, will they become a very selfish person? Actually no, because the reason why children can be more selfish is because they feel insecure in their hearts, so they keep making demands. So when children are selfish, how should parents guide their children? 1. Don’t let their children’s behavior become selfish. If a child is overly selfish, there must be a reason. Therefore, when a child becomes selfish, parents should try to understand that it is not that the child is selfish or right. If the child does not feel safe in his heart, you can take some guidance measures to let the child accept people and things like this. The child will not be blindly selfish, but will know how to love himself, love himself, and respect others. 2. Don’t show your selfish side in front of your children. In the world of children, parents are the people closest to their children, so parents must pay attention to their children’s words and deeds, and never show selfishness in front of their children. This will only make the children more selfish. When children feel insecure, parents should guide their children to interact with them more, or share small things with them.

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