What should I do if my child keeps biting his lower lip? The reason is really distressing

Question 1: My baby boy is 3 years old and he sucks and bites his lips every day. Is there any way the doctor can treat this? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: This is a matter of habit. There is no particularly good treatment. It only requires patient guidance from parents. Because babies biting their lips are inseparable from the following three reasons: ❶ Unsatisfied sucking needs ❷ Lack of security ❸ Boredom or lack of companionship Like your baby\’s situation, it is most likely due to lack of security or boredom or lack of companionship. To. Even though your baby is young, he also has his own thoughts and worries. Most babies\’ worries are that they are afraid of Daddy Mommy leaving, and they want more company and attention from their parents. Also, if adults often scare the baby, quietly walk away without telling the baby, or do not pay enough attention when the baby cries, the baby will develop unconscious actions such as biting lips, picking nails, and biting fingers. In normal times, you must pay attention to establishing the baby\’s sense of security. Kiss and hold the baby often, and do not scare or intimidate the baby. When you find out, don\’t disturb the child, divert attention, teach the child to read picture books, and talk more. If the baby does not feel anxious or has his attention diverted, these subconscious little actions will naturally not occur. Question 2: I just want to ask the child about his high ribs. What is the cause? Dr. Li Tinghui answered: If the baby is thin, the ribs will be relatively protruding, and this will also happen if the baby is severely deficient in calcium for a long time. After diagnosis, it is recommended to supplement the baby with calcium gluconate and go to the hospital to check the blood calcium level. Question 3: My baby is over 50 days old. I am breastfeeding. I used to have a bowel movement once a day. Now I haven’t had a bowel movement for 7 days and I fart a lot. What’s going on? Dr. Yang Yafeng’s answer: After ruling out the factors causing belly fat, it is recommended to give the baby some Mommy’s Love to replenish the intestinal flora.

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