What should I do if my child talks back to me even if he doesn’t do his homework?

When children talk back to their parents, when they yell, parents insist on doing one thing to easily resolve the war with their children. What can be done? When children grow up, they have their own ideas and no longer listen to their parents. What should I do if I have a disagreement with my child? Some parents will be very angry and pull their children aside to argue or reason. Some parents will just let them go. This has become indulgent. How to solve this problem peacefully? Smart parents will turn away instead of arguing with their children. Why? Because I can\’t ask you to learn respect, but at least I can ask me to respect myself. I don\’t feel respected by my kids right now so I need to calm down. This process is actually a process for parents to calm down. When a person is emotional, it is impossible to deal with the problem kindly and firmly, so the parents turn around and leave first. At this time, the child will also feel that the mother is angry? Most of the fire in the child\’s heart has disappeared. After a while, the parents adjusted their mentality and came over to talk about the baby. \”I\’m sorry, you were so angry just now. I respect your feelings, but I can\’t accept what you just did. From now on, as long as you don\’t respect me, I will walk away temporarily.\” This is invisible. I also set the rules. Tell the child that I am not angry, but I cannot accept your behavior; although I love you, I am willing to do all kinds of things with you. So when you feel you can respect me, you can tell me and I\’ll be happy to work with you to find other ways to deal with your anger. Finally, calmly explain something to your child. Even though I\’m angry, I want to tell you that this approach makes me angry. Now that we have adjusted, I hope both of us can calmly resolve this issue. Recommended scientific parenting books. I really hope my parents have read this book and download the electronic version. Therefore, parents must not be impulsive when meeting their children. clam down. You will find that many things are simple. Hitting and scolding will only make things worse and cause irreparable consequences.

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