What should I do if my child throws a tantrum and rolls around?

I once saw a saying like this: \”A child\’s life is either bitter first and then sweet, or sweet first and then bitter.\” If the child is not allowed to endure hardship when he is young, then the child will easily develop the habit of being pampered. I don\’t know how to fight hard, I only know how to open my mouth for food and stretch out my hands for clothes. Obviously, in this state, when children grow up and live independently without the protection of their parents, they will often have a more difficult life. Case: After the epidemic achieved initial victory, shopping malls began to resume business. When Xiao Li asked his classmates to go shopping in the supermarket, he found a father surrounded in the center of the crowd. From time to time, a little girl was heard crying intermittently. Voice. After looking at each other for a few seconds, Xiao Li and his group chose to go over to find out. From the outside of the crowd, I learned that it was this little girl of about 5 years old who was interested in a box of paintbrushes, and there were already several boxes of the same paintbrushes at home. This time the girl’s father chose not to compromise, and as a result, the little girl threatened her father. : \”Go away if you don\’t want to buy it, mom will buy it for me.\” If I don\’t buy it for her, she will lie on the ground crying and making trouble. Obviously, the little girl\’s mother dotes on her very much. She may have done the same thing before, and the little girl\’s father may have compromised in the past. But this time, the little girl\’s father stopped compromising and did not step forward to comfort her. Instead, he chose to watch indifferently. Apparently he realized that if he continued to compromise, it would be difficult to discipline his daughter in the future. The little girl\’s father clasped his fists slightly and said to the onlookers: \”I\’m laughing at you. I\’m disturbing everyone by educating my children. Let\’s leave!\” From the words of the little girl\’s father, we found that this father is a very well-educated parent. What he does is indeed educating his children. Many of the people watching gave this father thumbs up, which shows that most people agree with him for being uncooperative with his children. After the crowd dispersed, the little girl probably felt that she would not be able to achieve her goal if she continued to mess around. She actually got up on her own, walked to her father\’s side, and pulled her father out of the mall. It was obvious that this father had won. When the father walked out, he picked up his daughter. The father loves his daughter and will not let the child feel that the father has become cold. Even if he was coerced by the child just now, the father will make the child feel that he loves her. . I believe many parents will encounter this situation. If a child likes a certain toy and the parent refuses to buy it, he will sit on the floor or cry loudly, the parent will give in if they are really troubled. And if parents make such compromises again and again, the children are likely to get worse in the future, making it difficult for parents to manage education. When some parents face such a situation, they usually adopt an indifferent approach to education. They watch their children acting out and rolling around, while the parents stand aside and watch with their pockets in their pockets, quietly waiting for the children to vent their emotions. And this kind of indifferent education will also cause certain harm to children\’s hearts. How to discipline children in a \”comprehensive\” way? The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! 1. Give your children an appropriate pocket money. Children also have financial freedom. Of course, this freedom is set by parents. In order to cultivate good habits in children when it comes to shopping,A good habit is that as a parent, you can give your children pocket money on a weekly or monthly basis. After giving your children pocket money, as a parent, you should not interfere with your children\’s use of pocket money, but you must make an agreement with your children in advance. After the pocket money is used up in a week or a month, you can only give out more pocket money when it expires. Of course, you must also teach them how to use pocket money. How do children allocate money reasonably? In this way, children will learn to set their own spending plans and will not spend money randomly. 2. Apply for whatever you want to buy. If you want to discipline your children well when buying things, in addition to letting them develop good habits, you also need to ask your children to submit written applications when buying things. In this way, over time, when the child wants to buy a type of thing repeatedly, parents can have evidence to talk to the child. 3. Unexpected surprises: Parents should try not to give too much pocket money to their children. The amount of pocket money should be determined based on the frequency and price of the children\’s shopping. This way, unexpected surprises can be prepared for the children on a monthly basis. In this case, the children will not come up with ideas to ask their parents for extra things, but will look forward to unexpected surprises with a sense of ritual. 4. Teach children to do meaningful things. Many children have nothing else to do in their minds and don’t know how to use their time, so they focus on buying and buying. Therefore, it is very important for parents to guide their children\’s behavior. As parents, you can take your children to do some meaningful things, such as claiming a small vegetable garden, doing charity, etc. When children\’s horizons expand and they have their own pursuits and role models, they will no longer focus solely on buying and selling. Conclusion: Why should we educate children to \”first be bitter and then be sweet\”? Because children who are accustomed to growing up do not have the ability to make a living on their own, and may even have self-centered thoughts. After making a career in society, there will naturally be no place for you to gain a foothold, and you will experience a process of sweetness first and then bitterness. But if the parents do not pamper the child when the child is young, the child needs to fight for what should be given to the child and what should not be given to the child. Then, the child will grow into a sensible and capable child. Although such children will have a harder time when they are young, when they grow up, because they have a correct outlook on life and have the ability, they will strive for a better life, and they will soon be able to open up in society and create unparalleled wealth and happiness for themselves. In this case It’s bitter first and then sweet. Obviously, education that begins with bitterness and then sweetness is of great help to children throughout their lives. However, most parents and family members nowadays tend to spoil and pamper their children when they are young. This is also the fundamental reason why many children cannot adapt to society after entering the society, and still choose to stay at home. Therefore, if parents want to really do good for their children, they must let their children know the hardships of life when they are young, and cultivate in them the habit of struggling, working hard, and actively striving for it. Parents love their children and have far-reaching plans. If you want your children to have a correct outlook on consumption, you must provide them with correct consumption enlightenment when they are young. Don\’t think that children know nothing when they are young. In fact, when children know how to ask for and give, they are already sensible. You must educate your children as early as possible. Don’t underestimate your children. Children’s understanding and control abilities are beyond the imagination of adults.Yes, as long as children are educated and guided correctly, children will bring many surprises to their parents.

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