What should I do if my children are obsessed with short videos?

I believe that the most troublesome educational issue for parents right now is their children’s addiction to mobile phones and games. After all, it is not a good thing for children to play games on their mobile phones for a long time, which is not good for their eyesight health and academic performance. What\’s more, some games contain some violent and negative elements in order to increase excitement and entertainment, so parents of primary and secondary school students have an aversion to mobile phones and games. Recently, the \”2022 Progress Report on the Protection of Minors in China\’s Game Industry\” jointly released by the Game Working Committee of the China Music and Digital Association and the China Game Industry Research Institute, combined with gamma data, shows that the proportion of minors spending less money to play games exceeds The 3 hours are adding up. More than 75%; some minors’ entertainment behaviors have shifted from games to short videos and online videos. I have to say that I have mixed feelings when I see such survey results. Of course, I also know that in the eyes of some parents: children who do not study are failures, playing games is degeneration, and looking at mobile phones is failure. The problem is that compared to the relatively fixed and predictable plots in games, short videos and online videos are numerous and complex in content, which will have a comprehensive impact on children\’s physical and mental health. If you don’t believe it, you can take a closer look at your children, especially during the recent period of online classes at home. Under the restrictions on game time in all walks of life, children have reduced the time they spend playing games with their classmates and increased the time they watch alone. After short videos, are there more and more hot words, strange words, and swear words in his mouth? if? Some people say that today’s young people actually have the healthiest and most harmless hobby, playing games. I would also like to say that if the children\’s online classes are too boring and the homework is too difficult, then after completing various learning tasks and additional exercises, it is actually not a big deal for the children to play games with their classmates and friends. As long as parents manage their bank card payment passwords, don\’t let their children recharge at will, and let their lively and active children play games for a while, it\’s actually not that scary. The point is, ♬There are all kinds of short videos and online videos on mobile phones now, which is really amazing. Think about it, once a massive amount of content with different levels, different moral concepts, and different production forms to earn traffic money floods into everyone\’s mobile phone, the supervision and regulatory classification of most multimedia platforms will be somewhat inadequate. . In order to attract traffic and fans, many Internet celebrities even ignore their own health and reputation. Can you still worry about your child\’s moral character and academic performance? Many times, when anxious parents see their children holding mobile phones but not playing games, it feels like a stone has fallen in their hearts. At most, you can say, \”Why are you still staring at your phone? Can you have some self-control?\” The problem is that adults who often watch short videos will have this feeling, that is, the content of short videos has a sense of immersion, drama and addiction. Very strong. Basically, it only takes a few seconds to trigger an adult\’s visual, auditory and emotional resonance. Although most of them are gossip, side stories or old jokes, most ordinary people can\’t help but love watching, listening and reading! Practice Lele Classroom Geography Encyclopedia every day for free download network disk full set mp4. However, children have immature minds, poor self-control, stronger curiosity and desire to imitate, because many children are exposed to short videos.After being fascinated by the content, I learned some sounds to varying degrees. \”Hot word\”. Can parents sit still after seeing such a phenomenon? In fact, even when it comes to restricting and restricting children\’s playing games, many measures and methods are superficial. For example, after the \”Movement Restriction Order\”, Major game companies have added \”real-name verification\” steps before logging in to game products, and even used AI technology to monitor game users\’ login behavior and game time. They have also conducted secondary verification such as face recognition and facial recognition, which has effectively reduced the number of unauthorized users. Adults use adult identities to register accounts to play games. However, in the actual implementation process, real-name authentication and face recognition are often mishandled. Many adults, especially the elderly, agree to \”open the Internet\” in the future to help their children register and log in. Adult game accounts. This largely circumvents the \”anti-addiction measures for minors\” painstakingly prepared by game manufacturers. Of course, games belong to others, and children belong to themselves. How to discipline and restrain children playing games depends not only on society Policies and game manufacturers also depend on parents’ own educational concepts and regulatory measures. However, in an environment where anti-addiction games have been “basically realized”, how to reduce, limit and control children playing on mobile phones all day seems to have become an increasingly important issue in family education. Urgent task. Problem. The most appropriate way to solve this problem is that we, as parents, should help our children experience happiness other than mobile phones and games, such as reading, sports, playing chess or piano, etc. In addition, parents should give their children More companionship, communication and supervision, and at the same time, appropriate and timely positive feedback for every progress and achievement of children in study and life. Only in this way can children\’s minds be drawn away from the size of the mobile phone screen. Let their childhood have more blue skies and white clouds and childlike innocence. In short, the key to getting rid of the temptation of mobile games and short videos is to let children find more interesting, fresh and beneficial fun, rather than just relying on social policies and Internet manufacturers. Limitation. Only by allowing children\’s happiness to flow in other smooth directions can children\’s after-school life not be completely occupied by mobile phones and short videos. At the very least, it will not affect vision health and academic performance.

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