What should I do if my one-year-old baby cries while sleeping?

In the past, everyone seems to have seen content like \”The sky is panicked, the earth is panicked, there is a man who cries at night in my house, and passers-by recite it three times, and they sleep until dawn.\” According to legend, in ancient times, this was a \”home remedy\” specially used to treat children who cried at night. This is due to a lack of medical knowledge and the belief that if a child cries at night and a note is posted outside, the child will get better. Of course, times have changed, and no one will casually believe in its effectiveness anymore. But for every new parent, they are still worried about their child crying and not sleeping well. The child will not express his discomfort, and the parents can only stand aside anxiously and collapse. You are obviously doing everything yourself, paying attention to every detail, and raising your baby according to the book, but why does your baby still have problems with crying at night and having trouble sleeping? Causes of babies “crying at night” ● Reason 1: Being too excited or being stimulated during the day [Countermeasures] Spend more time with your baby. When some babies need comfort as they grow, skin-to-skin touch can calm the baby. However, some parents are busy with work during the day and have less time to take care of their children. At night, the baby will cry to attract the attention of the parents and let the parents hug them. Get comfort. ●Reason 2: Intense activity and excessive excitement before going to bed [Countermeasures] Change sleeping habits. When a baby cries like colic, parents are often overwhelmed and take the baby to the hospital. Do not let your baby watch thrilling TV programs on a daily basis; do not tell your baby scary stories; do not scare your baby before going to bed; and do not play vigorously with your baby before going to bed to avoid over-excited nerves. ●Reason 3: Abdominal discomfort and crying [Countermeasures] Don’t let your baby overeat for dinner. ●Reason 4: Possible diseases such as colds, intestinal spasms, intussusception, etc. [Countermeasures] The causes of illness-induced crying are complicated. You need to see a doctor to find out the cause and treat it in time. What should I do if my baby keeps crying at night? If the mother does these things well, the baby will not be a \”night cryer\” and will sleep until dawn! ✔Read your baby’s sleepy signals. Forcing the baby to sleep when he is not sleepy, or making the baby too sleepy will aggravate the crying before going to bed. So it’s important to know your baby’s sleepy signals. In addition to yawning, the baby will rub his eyes when he is tired, his eyes are dull, he likes to chew his fingers and bite things, and he may even wave his hands, shake his head, and scratch his hair. When the mother is aware of this information, she can coax her to sleep in time, which can make it easier for the baby to fall asleep and reduce crying. ✔Bedtime rituals are very important. Children are mostly in an excited stage before going to bed. A series of bedtime rituals can help children calm down and quickly fall asleep: for example, after taking a bath half an hour before bedtime, parents take their children to bed and give them Tell your child a bedtime story and play some soothing music. The purpose of the bedtime ritual is to tell the child that it is time to go to bed and help the child fall asleep faster. ✔Create a good sleeping environment The sleeping environment is also very important for babies. In a comfortable environment, babies are more likely to get a high-quality sleep. Therefore, mothers need to provide a warm and quiet sleeping environment for their babies. Sleeping environment temperature: 24℃~25℃, humidity around 50% is appropriate. Sound and light environment: The sleeping environment should be quiet, but notAbsolute silence, some mechanical monotonous rhythmic \”white noise\” is helpful for sleep. Comfortable crib: Quilts, mattresses, and pillowcases should be clean, comfortable, and consistent with the season. ✔Parents\’ warm companionship before bedtime, such as the mother gently nagging the baby and humming some soft songs, can relieve the baby\’s mood, make him feel at peace, and help the baby fall asleep better. It\’s normal to cry before going to bed. Parents should not be overly stressed or anxious. Appropriately meeting the child\’s needs and providing adequate companionship will surely help the baby slowly get through the \”sleeping scum\” stage. Generally speaking, the best time for children to fall asleep is between 8 pm and 9 pm. Children cannot form a good sleep routine on their own, and most of them rely on the help of their parents. A good sleep routine has a very important impact on the child\’s physical development, learning ability development, and personality development. Parents should pay attention to it.

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