What should I do if my young baby has a cold and stuffy nose? Want to take medicine?

Question 1: My baby girl is not yet 10 months old. She had clear runny nose yesterday and thick runny nose today. My baby had a stuffy nose and sneezing while sleeping last night. He coughed twice when he woke up in the morning. Does he need to take medicine? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: Children are a little young and generally do not heal easily on their own. It is recommended to take medicine. You can let your baby take antiviral oral liquid and An\’erning granules. The antiviral oral liquid is 5 ml at a time, three times a day, and An\’erning granules are one bag at a time, three times a day. Question 2: I am a mother. Yesterday I drank four sustained-release ibuprofen capsules for dysmenorrhea. Today, my menstrual blood turned brown. I took vitamin C and vitamin B6 for a period of time before my period. What is the reason for the discoloration of menstrual blood? Dr. Zhang Yanyan’s answer: The color of menstrual blood has something to do with the ibuprofen you take. It’s a bit excessive. Normally, you take two pills a day. Check the menstrual status tomorrow. If there is no abnormality, don\’t deal with it first. Just observe it. The discoloration of menstrual blood has little to do with vitamins and is mainly related to painkillers. In addition, sometimes you will have a small amount of menstruation during pregnancy. If you are worried about pregnancy, you can test your morning urine to see if there is any. Question 3: My baby is 16 months old. A few days ago, he was held by a friend who was suffering from the disease. Is it contagious? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: This belongs to the herpes zoster virus and is contagious through contact. It is the same virus as chickenpox, and babies may get chickenpox if they are infected. Now observe it for a week and see if there are no problems, generally there is no need to worry.

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