What should I do if the anus is red, swollen and ulcerated, and the baby has dry stool?

Question 1: My baby is just nine months old and is fed milk powder. My bowel movements are dry, and I have been crying and not daring to have a bowel movement these few times. I took a look and found that the anus is a bit rotten and the perianal area is red. How should I treat it? The baby now takes one vitamin AD pill every day. The complementary food includes eggs, rice noodles, banana puree, apple puree, noodles and the like. The complementary food is once in the morning and once in the afternoon. He doesn’t eat much complementary food and doesn’t drink much water. In addition, the baby has only two teeth now. Is it a calcium deficiency? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: In this case, you should pay attention to the following three points: First, the milk powder should be prepared according to the proportion of the instructions, and should not be too thin or too thick. Second, you must eat more fruits and vegetables. The amount and type of vegetables must be increased. Only by taking in more fiber will your bowel movements gradually improve. Third, massage the child\’s belly in a clockwise direction with the navel as the center every day to promote intestinal peristalsis. The baby can now take lactulose oral liquid and probiotics for conditioning. The lactulose oral liquid is 5 ml each time, twice a day. This is a cellulose preparation and will not be absorbed by the body. Once your bowel movements become normal and you eat more vegetables, you can stop. It is recommended to wash the anus with berberine water and apply Baiduobang ointment externally. In addition, there is no problem with babies teething. Every baby is different. Just feed them normally and it has nothing to do with calcium. Question 2: A baby over seven months old sweats a lot. What’s going on? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Anemia, calcium deficiency, high ambient temperature, etc. will cause excessive sweating. If these factors are eliminated, the child will develop normally. Considering physical problems, some people just sweat excessively. Question 3: I am more than four months pregnant. I have been coughing badly these days. I have made a lot of tea to no avail. What medicine can I take? Pudilan oral liquid or loquat ointment, which one is better? Doctor Zhang Yanyan answered: If you are four months pregnant, you can drink Xianzhuli oral liquid. If accompanied by phlegm and sore throat, you can add erythromycin capsules or cephalosporin capsules (you can take them if you are not allergic to cephalosporins). These two antibiotics will not affect the fetus. As for Pudilan and Loquat ointment, these two medicines should not be taken during pregnancy. Pudilan\’s latest instruction manual states that pregnant women should use it with caution. It is generally not recommended. Some loquat ointments contain saffron and are contraindicated by pregnant women.

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