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What should pregnant women do if they get angry? Beware of the harm caused by excessive heat to pregnant women

The dangers of getting angry in pregnant women 1. Affects mood The mood of pregnant women will be affected due to various hormones in the body. If the pregnant woman is tortured by getting angry at this time, the mood of the pregnant woman will be greatly affected. Pregnant women will feel restless and irritable, and some pregnant women may act aggressively after getting angry. 2. When a pregnant woman with constipation gets angry, it will affect the digestive system and cause the pregnant woman to be unable to defecate normally. And people have three emergencies. If they cannot defecate normally, it will affect the mood of the pregnant woman and thus affect the fetus. 3. Liver injury If pregnant women get angry, they will damage the liver of the pregnant woman. In short, getting angry in pregnant women will not only harm the pregnant woman, but also harm the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should get rid of the suffering of internal heat as soon as possible. So how to solve the problem of getting angry? What should pregnant women do if they get angry? 1. Diet therapy. Pregnant women should eat more fruits. Fruits can reduce internal heat. For example, strawberries, watermelons, bananas and apples are all good fruits for reducing internal heat. In addition, pregnant women can also drink some liquids, such as milk or lemonade. The staple food of pregnant women should be based on The diet should be light. Pregnant women should eat more vegetables, such as tomatoes and bitter melon. Pregnant women should also eat some meat. Pregnant women should eat less chili peppers and irritating foods. It is winter now, and many pregnant women may like to eat hot pot, but hot pot can easily make pregnant women get angry, so pregnant women should eat less. 2. Habit therapy. Many people have their own habits. It may be difficult for pregnant women to change their previous habits. However, if pregnant women like to eat spicy food and do not like to exercise, then for the sake of their babies, pregnant women should also change their previous habits. habit. Keep the heat away from yourself, thereby giving yourself and your baby a healthy body. 3. Drug therapy If pregnant women get angry, it will affect their mood and the safety of the fetus. If a pregnant woman\’s internal heat reaches a very serious level, she should seek medical attention immediately. Pregnant women cannot go to small clinics for casual treatment. Pregnant women should go to specialized obstetrics and gynecology hospitals to find specialized obstetricians and gynecologists. Pregnant women need to inform the doctor about their situation, then follow the doctor\’s instructions and use drugs strictly. Usually, pregnant women can also drink some isatis root to relieve the problem of excessive heat in pregnant women.

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