What should we do if our children are depressed and anxious and do not receive treatment?

When a child suffering from neurotic diseases such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive eating disorder refuses to take medication or treatment and is unable to go to school, parents know that there is no rush and must give their children time and accompany them well. If you have empathy and understand the child, one day the child will be able to come out. But the good times of a person’s adolescence pass in a flash, what will happen in the future? Time passed like this minute by minute. My parents felt very sorry and anxious. But he still has to work hard to accompany his children calmly. Yes, if the child is not treated, there is nothing the doctor or counselor can do, because help can only be obtained by meeting a doctor or counselor. At home, the process of getting along with parents and children can encourage children to increase their motivation for treatment and work hard to make changes. The premise is that parents must first experience the baptism of self-experience and self-growth before they can become effective helpers for their children. Just like psychological counselors, in addition to possessing professional abilities before practicing, they also need to go through the process of self-experience and self-growth to save themselves psychological energy. Parents’ self-experience and growth can be gained by participating in group therapy workshops with caregivers. In the eating disorder ward of Peking University No. 6 Hospital, caregivers’ self-development is called “parent coaching” and incorporates the concept and purpose of dialectical behavioral therapy. This includes mindfulness practice, walking the middle path, pain tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. What is self-experience and growth? It is our understanding, awareness and reflection of ourselves. For example, who am I? How did I become who I am now? What will my future be like? What are my ability characteristics? What are my behaviors, ways of thinking, and emotional patterns? Why did I develop such characteristics·My What are values? What is my life goal? How do I achieve such a goal? Wait for the process of self-exploration. The best way to get rid of anxiety attacks? Chen Mo\’s 40 lessons on how to be a non-anxious parent are completed. Parents should become pioneers and experimental models of their children\’s mental journey through the practice of \”self-experience and growth\”. Start with yourself first, experience and grow in your mental journey. When you taste the sweetness, your children will naturally be greedy for it. You are not the child\’s supervisor or manager, you are the child\’s safety guard and pioneer. When she is helpless, confused, withdrawn, and avoidant, you are his taster. You\’ve tasted the sweetness. She just believed that this road was not scary, but she had to try it. And then towards the light. Only when parents accept and understand yourself can you change yourself. Only by changing yourself can you truly understand and accept your children. This is a process of self-experience and growth.

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