What should you do if your parents are in a bad mood and take their anger out on others?

Some time ago, I saw a piece of news that made me very angry – a father in Chaohu City had a quarrel with his wife over trivial family matters, and his anger extended to a baby who was less than one year old. The baby was slapped and choked multiple times. Causes baby\’s face to turn blue. Recommended scientific parenting books. I really hope my parents have read the electronic version of this book and don’t think this father’s behavior of venting his anger on his children is so terrible. In fact, every parent may have done the behavior of venting anger on their children and using their children as a \”punching bag\”. Have you ever tried to get angry when you came home and saw your children playing with their mobile phones because of a bad day at work? Have you ever tried to blame your children if you are dissatisfied with your husband\’s behavior and say, \”You are as virtuous as your father\”? Have you ever had a quarrel with someone and your child was frightened and cried, and you blamed the child: \”You just know how to cry\”? Today I want to have a good chat with you – the matter of \”releasing anger\”. What is anger? Anger refers to venting anger on unrelated people, causing some innocent people to be implicated. Generally, people will be chosen to be weaker than themselves. Children have relatively little power and can easily become an innocent outlet for their parents\’ anger. Just like the father above, he had conflicts with his wife, but he didn\’t dare to vent his emotions on her, so he vented his emotions on the baby who couldn\’t resist, using the innocent baby as a \”punching bag.\” However, this kind of anger is not logical and will destroy the child\’s logical relationship. The child does not understand what he has done wrong, causing his parents to become angry. The harm of expressing anger. Treating children as a \”punching bag\” will result in the child not knowing the boundaries of the behavior, which will cause two consequences. The first type: The children dare not do anything. The children do not understand what they have done to make their parents angry, but because of their parents\’ anger, they are afraid of being punished, so they are cautious and watchful of their actions when doing things. After a long time, I dare not do anything. I live my life only and it is difficult to seize opportunities. The second type: Do everything. At the other extreme, children do everything. Because no matter what they do right or wrong, they will be criticized and criticized by their parents, and they have lost the boundaries of their behavior. My neighbor has a 15-year-old child who did very well in junior high school. Later, his father\’s business failed and his mother divorced. His mother, who was burdened with the burden of the family, became irritable and often beat and scolded him. Later, his grades plummeted, and he was eventually sentenced to five years in prison for stealing. He could have had a good life, but because of his wrong doings, he lost the opportunity to receive education and ruined his life. How to remedy a child who cannot control his anger. When something bad happens to him, we sometimes cannot control our emotions and even vent our emotions on the child, and express our anger to the child. How can we remedy this situation? Duoduo\’s father, Dama, once used Duoduo as a \”punching bag\” because of work matters and scolded Duoduo a few times. Duoduo, who was originally very happy, was suddenly confused and shed tears of grievance. I saw it and quickly picked up Duoduo and told her that her father was unhappy because of work and it wasn\’t her doing anything wrong. While comforting Duoduo, Da Ma quickly apologized to Duoduo. I know we all love our children very much, but sometimes when we get emotional, we still can’t help but get angry at our children and regard them as “taking out anger”.Tube\”, at this time we can do this: 1. Sincerely apologize to the child. Tell the child that it is a wrong thing for parents to get angry at you. Don\’t learn and imitate. 2. Tell him that it is not his fault. Tell the children that they are not angry because they have done something wrong, but because their parents are unhappy because of other things, causing them to lose control of their emotions and lose their temper at them. In this way, they can understand that their parents\’ anger is because they did not handle it well, not because of them. If you have done something wrong, clarify the logical relationship. Finally, you can express your love to your child and hope to be forgiven by your child. The above is what I will share today. If you have ever angered your child, why not sincerely apologize to your child now? ~

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