What should you pay attention to in late pregnancy?

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby may be delivered at any time, so pregnant mothers should pay special attention. The closer to the third trimester of pregnancy, the greater the pressure on pregnant mothers, including physical pressure, psychological pressure, and family pressure. Under tremendous pressure, pregnant mothers become particularly nervous and may inevitably experience false contractions or even premature birth. For pregnant mothers, premature birth is a \”terrible\” thing. It not only affects their own health, but also has a great impact on the health of the fetus. Therefore, as the due date approaches, pregnant mothers should pay attention to physical changes and be sure to protect themselves. Don’t be alarmist, the dangers of premature birth are far greater than imagined. The old man often says: When giving birth to a child, the important thing is that everything is ready and ready. Premature birth means that the fruits are not yet mature and are forced to be harvested early, with disastrous consequences. The biggest harm should be the health of the fetus. Because the baby was born prematurely before the first month of pregnancy, it means that the baby\’s physical development is not perfect enough, and many complications are likely to occur. And in the later stage, the baby\’s resistance will be relatively weak and he will get sick easily. It can be seen how serious the dangers of premature birth are. Pregnancy was originally a happy thing, but it ended in misfortune, which is hard for anyone to accept. Of course, as long as you cooperate with examinations during pregnancy and take protective measures, you can avoid premature birth. The focus is still on what the pregnant mother does. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible with ultra-clear scanned PDF download 108M How to avoid premature birth? Don’t do these things in the third trimester of pregnancy: 1. Overwork. The closer to delivery, the more pregnant mothers should pay attention to rest, because the fetus grows very fast in the third trimester and the belly is obviously much larger than before, which has seriously affected normal life. At this time, if not necessary, we still hope that pregnant mothers can take more rest, especially bed rest. The sad thing is that many \”female men\” are still struggling on the \”front line\” because of the pressure of life and work. I am busy with work during the day and busy with life at night, leaving very little time for myself. Overexertion in the third trimester of pregnancy can easily lead to premature birth, so you must pay more attention. 2. Bending over to do heavy work It is no exaggeration to say: in the third trimester of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers find it difficult to even walk. When walking on the road, we often see many pregnant mothers walking with their hands on their waists. They feel that they can no longer hold on after just a few steps. However, there are still many pregnant mothers who habitually bend over to do heavy work. For normal people, bending down is not a big deal, but for mothers in the third trimester, this action is self-evidently harmful. Even if you don\’t do heavy work, bending down to do housework will have effects for a long time. If possible, I still hope that family members can help and let pregnant mothers get more rest. 3. High mood swings. When ordinary people are particularly angry, they feel like they can’t breathe, let alone pregnant mothers. You know that the other person is pregnant, but you still do things to make her angry. Isn\’t it a bit unkind? Hormones during pregnancy are unstable, and the pregnant mother is already anxious and irritable, and she hopes to be cared for. If the mood swings in the third trimester of pregnancy are particularly large and you get angry at every turn, the possibility of premature birth will increase a lot. Because when a person is angry, his body willIt secretes epinephrine, and this component can cause uterine contractions in pregnant mothers and affect the development and health of the fetus. CCTV recommends over 500 excellent documentaries with high scores. Children will become addicted to self-discipline after watching the pattern. 4. Vigorous exercise. Nowadays, people pay attention to scientific fertility, especially many young women who maintain the habit of exercising before pregnancy. During the entire pregnancy, I will continue to exercise every day. In addition, many people say that if you exercise during pregnancy, it will be easier to give birth and the baby will be healthier. It is undeniable that exercise does have certain benefits, but the actual situation of every pregnant mother is different. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, reasonable planning and arrangements must be made based on the current physical condition. Compared with the second trimester, you should try to choose soothing exercises and avoid strenuous exercises. In the third trimester of pregnancy, how can we avoid premature birth? First, maintain a good attitude. Even if you have inexplicable fears about childbirth, you should release your inner fears in a healthy way. Every day, you must maintain a good attitude and prepare your baby\’s things in advance; do things you like; chat with people around you… Secondly, insist on having prenatal check-ups. Many pregnant mothers are a little slack in prenatal check-ups in the third trimester of pregnancy. They always feel that they have already checked before and the baby is healthy in all aspects. But in fact, the baby will have different changes every day, so it is really important to check regularly and always understand the baby\’s production trends. Finally, make it a habit to get more rest. Pregnancy is different from other times. Only pregnant mothers who learn to be lazy can be healthy. Housework, heavy work, bending work, etc., leave these things to others, wouldn\’t you be lazy and lie down for a while to relax your body and mind? Written at the end: After surviving the long first and second trimesters of pregnancy, why not hold on a little longer during the third trimester? I hope that all pregnant mothers can give birth to babies healthily and smoothly, free from all suffering.

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