What should you pay attention to when accompanying you in the delivery room?

Mothers need to be accompanied by relatives or husbands during delivery to provide emotional support and assist doctors in caring for the mother. This companion is called a birth attendant, and they need to know some precautions to ensure a smooth delivery and their own safety. Here are some things that birth attendants need to pay attention to: Receive prenatal education. Accompanying birth attendants need to receive prenatal education from doctors to understand the birth process and precautions. This can help them better understand the mother\’s condition and provide better support. In addition, birth attendants also need to understand the physical, psychological and emotional changes of the mother to better assist doctors. Pay attention to personal hygiene To avoid maternal infection, birth attendants need to maintain personal hygiene. Before entering the delivery room, birth attendants need to wash their hands and put on protective clothing and shoe covers provided by the hospital. Provide emotional support to women Giving birth is hard work, and women need emotional support to ease their fears and pain. The birth attendant needs to provide comfort and encouragement to the mother and help her stay calm and relaxed. Help the mother breathe During delivery, the mother needs to control her breathing to reduce pain and fatigue. The birth attendant can help the mother take deep breaths and exhale slowly to help her stay calm. Assisting Doctors Maternity attendants can assist doctors in taking care of the mother, such as helping the mother change clothes, wipe sweat, pass water, etc. Mothers often need to change their positions during delivery, and birth attendants can assist doctors in adjusting the mother\’s position for a better delivery. Keep Calm During the delivery process, both the mother and her attendants may encounter some unexpected situations, such as abnormal fetal position, sudden illness, etc. The birth attendant needs to remain calm and collected and assist the doctor in handling the problem in a timely manner. Taking care of the newborn After the mother gives birth, the birth attendant can assist the doctor in caring for the newborn. For example, help cutting the umbilical cord, cleaning newborns, feeding, etc. In short, birth attendants need to provide emotional support to the mother during the delivery process and assist doctors in caring for the mother and newborn. The birth attendant needs to receive prenatal education from the doctor and maintain personal hygiene and calmness. Only in this way can the smooth delivery and safety of mothers and newborns be ensured.

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