What to do if a toddler has teething fever? Reveal the seven major symptoms of teething!

Question 1: I would like to ask, what happens when babies have teething fever? What are the other symptoms of teething? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Some babies will have a fever when teething. Generally, the body temperature is around 37.5°C. It is a low fever and can be cooled down physically. In addition, pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene and not chewing unhygienic items. Abnormalities such as body temperature exceeding 38°C that lasts for a long time, poor mental status, painful behavior and expression, etc. may be fever caused by infection and have little to do with teething. Measures should be taken or medical treatment should be taken. In addition to fever, there are also the following symptoms during teething: ❶ Drooling ❷ Love to bite things ❸ Loss of appetite ❹ Swelling and itching of the gums ❺ Irritability and dryness ❻ For specific care methods for sleep regression, you can read the article below (click the blue text to see (You can check it out) ☞It’s so painful for babies to grow teeth! How to relieve the discomfort of baby teething? Question 2: My baby is one year and three months old. He is 75cm tall and weighs 19.5 kilograms. The baby weighed 8 kilograms at birth. Is his development normal? My sister\’s baby weighs 16 pounds at 4 months old, and her hands are bigger than my baby\’s. My baby usually gets breast milk plus complementary food, but the breast milk seems to be less. Because I usually work, I have 2 meals of breast milk a day (morning + evening), and the baby eats everything from complementary food. Dr. Song Shufen answered: My height and weight are both low, so I should eat more beef, mutton, lean pork, shrimp, etc. every day to supplement my protein. After one year of age, complementary foods gradually take the dominant role, and milk plays a supplementary role. If breast milk is not enough, you can mix it with milk powder. The important thing is that the complementary foods must be rich, diverse and nutritionally balanced. Question 3: My baby is one and a half years old. He had a runny nose, sneezing, and slight fever during the day yesterday. The medicine he took at the clinic made his fever reach over 39 degrees at night. After drinking it at 2:30, the temperature is now 38 degrees. , face and body are still hot, what should I do next? Doctor Wang Yanli’s answer: If your child has a runny nose, sneezing, and fever, consider him or her to have a respiratory infection. Take your child to the hospital to have a look at the throat and listen to the lungs to see if there is any infection.

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