What to do if a two-year-old boy has a fever

Doudehui was very heartbroken last night, seeing another tragedy in which a child died due to \”ignorance\”. A 2-year-old boy, Lele, suffered from fever and convulsions. His face turned blue, his eyes turned up, his hands and feet twitched, and he made a snoring sound in his throat. The mother thought the child\’s throat was blocked, so she reached in and scratched the child\’s throat. As a result, the child suffocated and was unable to be rescued even after being sent to the hospital. Doctors said that every year, the hospital encounters three or four children who die due to convulsions. The reason is without exception that the parents adopt the wrong treatment method of picking their throats. The doctor explained: \”Parents should not handle their children\’s high fever and convulsions by themselves. It is best to record the time of the convulsions and take a video to facilitate the doctor\’s diagnosis. Under normal circumstances, most children will relieve themselves within 5 minutes. After that, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. There are also Some complex convulsions last for more than 5 minutes, or even if the convulsions do not relieve for half an hour, you should see a doctor immediately.\” Regrettably, many parents often resort to unscrupulous methods such as picking their throats, pouring oil, and stuffing iron spoons into their children\’s throats. injuries, or even death. We all understand how parents feel when their children are sick and seek medical treatment urgently. However, parenting must be scientific, and home remedies and folk remedies are really not necessary. I saw a video some time ago, and Ya Ya’s mother was not feeling well! In the video, a relative of a child was feeding fresh tadpoles into the child\’s mouth, while coaxing the child to say they were small fish. And the reason is actually to \”make the child angry\”? ! After watching the video, Doudehui could only pray silently that nothing would happen to the child… You know, tadpoles often contain parasites such as \”spargan larvae\”, which will enter various organs of the human body through blood circulation and absorb the body\’s Nutritional growth. If the spargan parasites enter the brain, they can cause vomiting, convulsions, fainting, epilepsy and other symptoms. Especially for children whose brains are still developing, this kind of damage is often more serious and irreversible! In addition to eating tadpoles, Yaya\’s mother also discovered that many folk remedies are unbelievable. If used casually, it will cause great harm to children. Parents must be vigilant! There are also some parents who always like to use \”experience\”, \”common sense\” and \”this is how I got here\” to flaunt themselves, thinking that \”this is how I got here, and it will definitely be effective for their children.\” But as everyone knows, those \”common senses\” that you think are right \”In \”experience\”, there may be pitfalls everywhere. Must-read parenting books for parents recommend the most beautiful educational and simplest books to download in pdf. Rumor: Newborns need leggings. Many elderly people still hold the view that \”newborns need leggings so that their hind legs can become straight and long when they grow up.\” In fact, tradition may not necessarily represent Wear correctly. This practice, commonly known as \”candle wrapping\”, tightly binds the baby\’s arms and hands, hinders blood circulation, and is not conducive to the free development of bones. Not to mention preventing O-shaped legs, leg pain and lameness may occur in the future. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that most children have O-shaped legs before the age of 2 and X-shaped legs before the age of 6. But some children\’s legs don\’t straighten until they are 8-9 years old, or even 10 years old. Parents don’t need to worry too much, and no treatment is needed. There are some rare cases where O-legs and X-legs are indeed caused by disease. For example: Blount disease, rickets, bone tumors, leador fluoride poisoning, poor healing after fractures, poor development, or genetic disorders. In this case the body will not correct itself and medical attention is required. Rumor 2: Drink coptis water to remove fetal toxins. There has always been a folk custom of \”removing fetal toxins\” for newborns. The method of \”removing fetal toxins\” is to feed the newborns coptis water for the first mouthful. In some places, it is popular to feed glucose water and water chestnut powder water. Wait, have you ever done something like this? In fact, neither traditional Chinese medicine nor Western medicine has the term \”fetal poison\”. Medicine is divided into three parts: poison, and traditional Chinese medicine is no exception. Due to the lack of a large number of clinical research experiments, many Chinese patent medicines are still blank in terms of safety for neonatal use. For newborns who are not fully developed, it is very easy to cause toxic reactions if they take various folk herbal medicines casually. The first mouthful of a newborn should be breast milk. This is so important. The first thing a newborn baby drinks is colostrum. Colostrum contains more immunoactive substances, which not only promotes the excretion of meconium, but also benefits the baby\’s intestinal microorganisms. The establishment of ecological flora balance lays the foundation for a strong immune system. Rumor 3: If you don’t eat salt, you will have no strength. “If you don’t add salt, it will have no taste. No wonder children don’t like to eat it!” “If you don’t eat salt, you will have no strength!” Under the misunderstanding and pressure from the elderly at home, many parents are confused or in tears. Have you added salt to your child’s complementary foods early? There is nothing wrong with the statement that \”eating salt gives you strength.\” The main component of salt is sodium chloride, which can separate sodium ions in the body. Sodium ions are an important substance for maintaining a stable internal environment, and children\’s bodies also need it. According to the \”Reference Intake of Dietary Nutrients for Chinese Residents (2013)\”, infants aged 6 to 12 months need 350 mg of sodium per day. Under normal circumstances, babies who eat normally can consume enough sodium to meet their physiological needs, and it will not cause weakness in the baby. So it’s not that you don’t give your children any salt, it’s just that they don’t need to add extra salt within one year of age. Rumor 4: Covering a fever and sweating will heal faster. Not only for babies, many adults will do this to themselves after they have a fever, thinking that covering a fever will heal faster. In fact, this approach is extremely unscientific and can cause harm to the baby. The baby\’s metabolism is much stronger than that of adults. Covering the baby too much will affect the body\’s heat dissipation and cause the temperature of the environment around the baby\’s body to be too high. Symptoms such as rising body temperature, high fever, and even convulsions and coma may occur, causing \”heat-covering syndrome\” \”. When your baby has a fever, you should immediately reduce the amount of clothing and do not wrap it blindly. You can use warm water to scrub the body and replenish enough water. If the fever exceeds 38.5°C or the fever continues, you should seek medical treatment in time. Rumor 5: Cutting eyebrows will make them thicker. In today’s face-conscious society, mothers who control their appearance have always been mysteriously obsessed with their babies’ looks, and are prone to believe in various “supposedly” methods that can improve their babies’ appearance. In fact, the baby\’s hair has little to do with whether it is cut or not. It is mainly affected by the mother\’s nutrition and genetics during pregnancy. Regardless of whether you get a haircut or not, the lanugo hair will gradually fade. But if you want to get a haircut, you must pay attention to the cleanliness and safety of the equipment to avoid trauma and infection during the haircut process. Babies\’ skin is thin and tender, and their resistance is weak. Shaving can easily cause skin loss and infection. If bacteria invade the roots of the hair and destroy the hair follicles, not only will the hair not grow well, but it will be self-defeating and lead tohair loss. Rumor 6: Pinch the bridge of the nose to make it straighter Do you also think that pinching the bridge of the nose regularly will make the originally flat nose bridge straighter? mistake! Nonsense! The height of the nose bridge of the human body is determined by genetics. Artificial pinching, clamping and other methods will not achieve the effect of making the nose taller and straighter. The position of the baby\’s nasopharyngeal tube is lower than that of adults, and the structure is shorter, thicker, and straighter, and it is also very close to the ears. From the appearance, the baby\’s nose bridge is basically collapsed, and the baby\’s fontanel is closed. After that, the baby\’s bones will grow and develop very quickly, and the original flat bridge of the nose will gradually become taller, and the nose will gradually straighten up without pinching. Artificial pinching of the bridge of the nose or other folk remedies will not make the child\’s nose bridge taller, but may increase the risk of illness. At the same time, babies are more likely to develop cross-eyes due to adults’ frequent manipulation of the nose with hands and concentration. Rumor 7: There is no scientific basis for the statement that breast milk is not nutritious after 6 months. Breast milk, no matter when it is produced, is rich in nutrients, such as fat, protein, calcium, vitamins, etc. Under normal circumstances, newborns rely entirely on breast milk from birth to six months to get all the nutrients they need for growth. Moreover, six months is not the absolute bottom line. Some premature babies or babies with allergies, due to physical reasons, refuse or cannot accept complementary foods and rely entirely on breastfeeding until eight, nine months or even longer. They are still nutritious and healthy. growing up. Long-term breastfeeding has many other benefits, such as it is beneficial to the development of the child\’s oral cavity, thereby improving language skills. The unique growth hormone in breast milk can promote the development of the child\’s brain, and is also beneficial to the mother\’s own health. Therefore, many authoritative organizations such as the United Nations Health Organization are calling on mothers around the world to continue breastfeeding until their children are 2 years old. Rumor 8: Wearing crotchless pants is better than diapers. For the elderly, crotchless pants are the best way to bring babies in summer. In addition to making children feel cool, it is also very convenient to go to the toilet, but they do not know that behind these benefits, there are many disadvantages. 1. Crotchless pants are unhygienic. Children like to sit on the floor, which can lead to bacterial infection of the vulva. Especially girls’ hygiene is even more worrying. 2. Exposing the private parts to the outside can easily cause some harm to the baby if not taken care of in time. In addition, this is also disrespectful to the baby and ignores the protection of his personal privacy. It will also be very slow in early sexual education. 3. Wearing crotchless pants is convenient, but when you encounter those nasty mosquitoes, your baby\’s genitals will be bitten, which may cause bite dermatitis. Rumor 9: Feeding children after chewing food. Children’s teeth have not yet grown. Many grandparents are afraid that children cannot chew food, so they chew it until it’s chewy and then feed it to their children. It seems like this is a good way for children, but in fact The above is a move to \”harm\” children. There are a lot of bacteria in the adult\’s mouth, and among these bacteria, in addition to beneficial bacteria, there are more harmful bacteria. These bacteria will enter the food through saliva, and then reach the child\’s mouth and digestive tract. In fact, for For children with weak immunity, this is a very serious injury. thisThese parenting rumors are actually just the tip of the iceberg among the \”extensive and profound\” \”parenting remedies\”. There are more superstitious folk remedies that shatter people\’s views and make children miserable. At this moment, Meme\’s mother thought of what Kotaro Isaka said: \”It\’s really scary when I think about being a parent without having to pass an exam.\” Although the character and quality of parents may not be reshaped through \”examination and education\”; but common sense To learn more about scientific parenting knowledge, Doudehui believes that there should be a \”100-question test\”. Those who fail will be trained to take the exam again, so that our children can stay away from those trapping customs and grow up healthily. There are any \”parenting pitfalls\” that Doudehui has not summarized. Moms are welcome to add more, so that more people can avoid these \”pitfalls\”!

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