What to do if your baby has a fever, be careful of acute rhinitis! This kind of care heals quickly…

Question 1: My baby had a high fever last time and developed urticaria. His nose was blocked, his cough has not been good, and he occasionally has a runny nose. What should I do? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: The child’s condition is acute rhinitis, which will cause coughing. The secretions will flow back and irritate the throat. The child will cough more when he gets up in the morning. Parents should often spray their baby\’s nose with saline, use a warm towel to compress the baby\’s nose, and clean up the secretions in the nasal cavity in a timely manner. In addition, give your baby cetirizine drops once a day. Question: My 21-year-old baby is constipated. Can he eat dragon fruit? Doctor Sun Cuiying answered: Yes, give the child more water. Don’t give your child too much food at a time. Pay attention to your baby’s chewing and don’t give the food too much. Question: My child in March has a small pimple on his left eyebrow. I can’t see it, but it moves when I touch it. What’s going on? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: This situation is usually a congenital sebaceous tumor. The baby can be diagnosed by an eye examination after the baby is one month old. It is not serious.

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