What type of parents can easily raise confident and independent children?

Children who are confident and independent have parents who know how to let go. Parents who let go appropriately are the deepest and most far-sighted love they can give their children. Yesterday, Dabao\’s school organized a spring outing. Dabao actually didn\’t want to go because we usually take her out to play, even if she goes with the school. Parents were also accompanying them, but this time it was different. This time the teacher led the students to go together, so when Dabao asked me if I could not go. I said, what do you think? Then, I said this is a group activity, everyone goes out to play together, how happy it is, she said she was afraid of losing it. I said that the teacher will take you out, and you will be safe. All you need to do is follow the teacher, follow the team, and go to the teacher in time if anything happens. You have grown up and become independent, and your mother believes in you. In this way, Dabao embarked on a small spring outing with his teacher and classmates. During the process, the teacher sent many pictures for us to enjoy. When Dabao came back, I said, look, you had so much fun today! She said, yes, I said, is it safe to be with the teacher? She said yes, but once, she almost got separated from the teacher, but she ran very fast and caught up with the teacher. I took the opportunity to encourage her. He said that she is very alert and independent, and can take care of herself independently. When I encouraged her, she talked about what she had played and challenged, and I kept recognizing her and affirming her, which made her happier. I took the opportunity to ask again, should I go out with the teacher and classmates next time? She said yes, look! The growth of children is actually that simple. Parents who decisively let go at the appropriate time will promote their children\’s growth. I didn’t realize this until now, but when I did, the child really grew and became more confident and independent. As parents, when your children are growing up, you can first learn to let go from these 4 things, so that your children can grow up letting go. 1. Let children do their homework independently. Many children in life need constant urging from their parents to do their homework, because when doing homework, the children usually write with their parents at the same time, which gives the children the illusion that the homework is written for their parents. For this reason, their initiative is very low, because in their minds, they feel that the homework is for their parents. A German mother’s experience in teaching the code of integrity and self-discipline: Teach good children who are strong + independent + tolerant + thrifty. Therefore, in order to enable children to complete homework independently and develop self-discipline habits, parents should first let their children complete homework independently. 2. Let your children go shopping alone. Letting your children shop alone is also a good way to train your children. During the shopping process, your children can go from being afraid to making breakthroughs. At the same time, it can also help children cultivate their financial awareness while shopping. 3. Let your children solve problems on their own. As children grow up, they will inevitably encounter problems of one kind or another. When a problem occurs, the child will seek out his parents as soon as possible. But in fact, this does not have much significance for the growth of children. As parents, we should give our children opportunities. Let children learn to solve problems alone. When children solve problems alone, they not only exercise their thinking ability, but also their ability to solve problems independently. Independence is the beginning of children\’s maturity. 4. Let go of the little things and let the children make their own decisions. In the process of raising children, we often see a phenomenon:It is the children who must listen to us and never let them make decisions for themselves. The day before yesterday, I took my children to buy shoes. There was a little girl next door who liked a pair of shoes, but her mother said, I am your mother, and I can buy whatever she wants. If you don’t listen to me, we won’t buy any shoes today. After the child listened to her mother, she said angrily that she wouldn’t buy it if she didn’t want to, and finally left angrily. At this time, I was confused. As a seven or eight-year-old child, why can\’t I make my own decision to buy a pair of shoes? I have to listen to my mother. How to develop self-discipline in children – self-driven growth free reading mobi+epub+azw3 In fact, when children are very young, parents should train their children in small things and let them make decisions for themselves. This is not only to cultivate children\’s ability to solve problems for themselves independently, but also to respect the children, because the ultimate purpose of raising children is actually to cultivate children to become independent and responsible individuals.

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