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What’s the fastest way to treat prickly heat in babies? Say goodbye to prickly heat after learning these tips

With the arrival of summer heat, babies will inevitably experience the itchy and uncomfortable \”baby heat rash\”. Many parents do not know how to take care of their babies or use some unscientific folk remedies to eliminate prickly heat in their babies. In the end, the effect is not achieved and they also cause damage to the baby\’s delicate skin… So today Doudehui will talk about it. This \”prickly heat\” is something that parents hate so much, and how parents should take care of their babies if they have \”prickly heat\”! The reasons why babies get prickly heat are that the clothes are not breathable, the baby is overdressed, the cleaning and hygiene are not done well, or the baby is always exposed to high temperature and stuffy environment, so that the baby sweats too much and the sweat evaporates poorly, causing sweat ducts. Blockage, rupture, and sweat seep into the surrounding tissue of the skin, thereby stimulating an inflammatory reaction and causing prickly heat. According to the different parts and colors of prickly heat, it can be divided into three types: white prickly heat, red prickly heat and pus prickly heat. ▶White prickly heat is common in newborns. It manifests as scattered or clustered 1-2mm superficial vesicular rashes containing clear fluid. Generally, babies have no symptoms. They break easily with light rubbing and are absorbed within 1-2 days, with mild desquamation; ▶Prickly heat is common in infants and young children. It appears as round and pointed papules or papules that are scattered or fused into sheets and are about the size of a needle. They are surrounded by redness and often appear in batches on the trunk, with slight burning and itching sensation; ▶Pus Prickly heat is a secondary bacterial infection of prickly heat, manifested as a yellow pus head on the top of a red papule. It often appears in folds of the body, such as the flexors of the limbs and the perineum. It is also common on the baby\’s head and neck. Many parents confuse eczema with prickly heat in summer. Although eczema and prickly heat are somewhat similar (excessive sweating leads to blocked pores), in fact, there is a big difference between the two. After all, there are many causes of eczema, not just excessive sweating, but also: ▶ Eczema tends to appear on the baby\’s face and limbs. It is slightly larger in size and exists in patches. Most of the time, the skin becomes dry and feels rough when touched. ▶Prickly heat tends to appear in places prone to sweating, such as the neck. It tends to appear at the same time as the neck. It is relatively small but appears very densely. It generally does not cause dry skin and has a delicate feel. Therefore, parents must not confuse prickly heat and eczema. After all, the treatments for eczema and prickly heat are different! What is the fastest way to treat prickly heat in babies? For the treatment of prickly heat in babies, topical drugs are preferred, focusing on symptomatic and itching relief. Oral drug treatment is generally not recommended. Many parents are afraid of trouble and think that if their baby has prickly heat, just apply some prickly heat powder, which is both trouble-free and effective. But in fact, most prickly heat powder contains talc, which can irritate the skin. If used for a long time, the powder can easily enter the baby\’s respiratory tract, vagina or urethra, which is not good for the baby\’s health. So next, I will introduce to you several treatment methods that are safe and convenient and suitable for babies of any age. For example: ▶You can use 3% boric acid solution, prickly heat powder or calamine lotion to apply to the affected area; ▶The white part of watermelon has the effect of treating prickly heat. When prickly heat occurs, you can use the white part of watermelon to gently rub the affected area. It is very effective. Repeat it two or three times to relieve the itching; ▶Use raw cucumber juice or cucumber slices to rub and apply to the affected area (this method is especially suitable for small children).Baby), it can be cured after two or three times; ▶ Take 1 tube of Huoxiang Zhengqi Water and dilute it with cold boiled water or normal saline. The dilution concentration ratio is: for babies 0-3 months old, the ratio of medicinal solution to water is 1:34-12 For babies over 21 years old, the ratio of medicinal solution to water is 1:1. Note: Before using the medicine, wash the local area with warm water and dry it, and then add the diluted medicine. Use a sterilized cotton ball dipped in the medicinal juice and apply it on the affected area, 2-3 times a day, 5 days as a course of treatment. How to deal with heat rash in babies? If they want to prevent heat rash, parents need to pay attention to the baby\’s diet, clothing, environment and other aspects. For example: 1. Bath frequently and change clothes frequently. If possible at home, bathe the baby frequently, 2-3 times a day, to keep the skin clean. Wear loose, breathable and sweat-absorbent thin cotton clothes for your baby. Do not wear too many or too thick clothes. Change and wash them frequently. The thickness of the cover should be the same as that of adults, but not more than that of adults. 2. Dry sweat in time. Do not wipe with a cold towel, because the stimulation of cold water can cause the mouth of sweat glands to suddenly close, making prickly heat more likely. You can use a dry towel to wipe sweat repeatedly. When the baby is sleeping, to prevent sweating and prickly heat, a towel can be placed under the baby\’s body to absorb sweat, and a hand towel is placed at the bedside to wipe away sweat at any time. 3. Adjust the indoor temperature. Ventilate the room regularly every day to keep the environment cool. When the temperature is too high, you can use an electric fan or air conditioner appropriately to reduce sweating and facilitate the evaporation of sweat. However, be careful not to let the air outlet face the baby. blow. 4. Reasonably adjust eating habits. For babies who have added complementary foods, you can eat some fresh fruits and vegetables such as winter melon, bitter melon, watermelon, cucumber, and apple. When you sweat a lot, you should replenish your baby with water in time and drink some mung bean soup to clear away heat and detoxify. But do not Add sugar and add some light salt water if necessary. 5. The hair can be cut short, but do not shave it. If the baby\’s hair is very thick, it will affect the skin\’s heat dissipation and easily cause prickly heat. At this time, you can cut your baby\’s hair short, but try not to shave your head. Because hair can not only protect the scalp, but also help the baby dissipate heat and protect from the sun. 6. Cut your baby\’s nails frequently to prevent breakage. If your baby has prickly heat, parents must pay attention to cutting their baby\’s nails frequently and keep their hands clean at all times. To prevent your baby from getting infected due to itching and scratching, you really need to see a doctor. 7. Don’t be a “kangaroo mother”. Most babies like to exercise and play and are prone to sweating, so everyone! Don’t hang the baby on your body, hold it in your arms, or carry it on your body all the time! Not only are you hot, your baby is also hot. Even if you sweat, it cannot evaporate very well. Do you know that this is how prickly heat comes out? ! It is recommended that the baby be allowed to play freely while parents take good care of them and pay attention to their safety. If the baby has fever, swollen lymph nodes behind the ears or neck, small superficial pustules appear on the surface of prickly heat, or yellow rice-sized pimples appear on the baby\’s nose, head, or forehead, or even larger red painful pimples When, it means that prickly heat may be combined with a skin infection, which requires you to take your baby to the hospital for treatment in time. In short, to fight against prickly heat, you must remember the following 10-word policy: \”Bathe frequently, change clothes frequently, and keep cool!\”

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