What’s the reason for baby’s stomach growling and vomiting after feeding?

Question 1: The baby is 26 days old and fed with milk powder. Every time I drink milk, I vomit, my stomach rumbles when I drink milk, I fart when I have a bowel movement, and my face is always red and crying when I\’m awake. What\’s going on? The baby wiggles around every time he eats. I thought he wasn\’t full so I gave him more food. Isn\’t this wrong? Dr. He Jiexin answered: First of all, the gastrointestinal tract of newborns is not well regulated, and they are prone to bloating, feeling depressed, or the baby is groaning. Secondly, milk powder is more difficult to digest than breast milk, and children\’s cardia are relatively loose, so they are prone to vomiting. Another situation is that they are not adaptable to milk powder, which can also cause vomiting and diarrhea. Finally, overfeeding can also cause your baby to vomit. The child can indeed eat at first, but cannot digest it later. Although he still eats so much, it has affected digestion. It is currently recommended to reduce the amount of milk, or feed small amounts more often. In addition, the baby can be adjusted by taking Siliankang, which improves gastrointestinal motility and regulates intestinal flora. You can give your child food for two or three days and observe it. If there is no obvious improvement, go to the hospital. Question 2: My baby has had six fevers in 24 hours since yesterday and took ibuprofen suspension six times. I went to the hospital for a blood test this morning. The C protein reaction was 31.3, and my throat was inflamed with pustules. I prescribed cefaclor dry suspension. The doctor said that the antipyretic drug should not be used more than four times. The baby kept crying and refused to cooperate with the infusion. The doctor suggested enema. Can enema be given in this case? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Enema treatment is not recommended as it has many side effects. Penicillin skin test and penicillin infusion can be done. Recently, many cases of purulent tonsillitis are clinically effective with penicillin. Question 3: One year and three months after giving birth, I have been weaned. Currently I have a lot of leucorrhea, my vulva is a bit itchy, and has a bit of a peculiar smell. I think it might be mold. Doctor, what medicine should I use? Dr. Zhang Yanyan’s answer: Generally, for mold, you can use nystatin effervescent tablets, two tablets once a day, which can be used for ten days. You can use red core lotion to wash the vulva. For vulvar itching, you can apply clotrimazole cream.

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