What\’s wrong with a child\’s red and itchy eyes? Use breast milk to wash eyes, be careful if this folk remedy harms your baby…

Question 1: A nine-month-old baby, mixed feeding. In the past few days, my nose has been runny, sometimes clear and sometimes purulent. I occasionally cough, and my eyes are red and have yellow and white eye droppings. The elderly at home asked me to wash my eyes with breast milk. Can I do this? My nose has been blocked and my eyes have been uncomfortable for the past two days. I can\’t sleep well at night and I cry a lot. I keep rubbing my eyes when I cry. I feel good during the day. Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: You can use a warm towel to compress your nose, take children’s antiseptic granules, and spray physiological sea salt water nasal spray four or five times a day. After spraying, clean up the nasal secretions in time. Never use breast milk for eye problems. This is very unscientific. The protein, fat and other components in milk are a breeding ground for various microorganisms and are prone to secondary bacterial infections, so do not use this method. You can now use Tobax eye drops to see the effect. Question 2: The baby is thirteen days old. In the past two days, he has been crying suddenly when sleeping, scratching his hands, and always wakes up suddenly. He always feels that he has not slept well. What is the reason for this? Dr. Sun Cuiying answered: The child is still young and his nervous system is not fully developed. Pay attention to supplementing the child with vitamin AD drops. In addition, observe whether the child has flatulence (symptoms such as abdominal bloating, big belly, difficulty in defecation, thick tongue coating, etc.). Sometimes children with abdominal discomfort are also prone to crying problems. The problem is that a three- to seven-month-old baby is breastfed, has a normal amount of milk, and drinks water every day, but every time he has a bowel movement, he has a stool about ten days old, and the amount he passes is about the size of an egg. Sometimes the poop can\’t come out, and the child keeps crying in discomfort. Sometimes the poop can be seen, but it just can\’t come out. I have used Kaisellu, and it comes out immediately after use. I went to the local hospital and asked, and the doctor said that if I could eat, drink, sleep, and not cry or fuss, I would be fine. I would drink some probiotics to recuperate, and I also drank probiotics, but it didn\’t work. May I ask how is this going? Could it be a symptom of other diseases? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: It is recommended to check the abdominal B-ultrasound or take a X-ray to see if there is congenital megacolon. Just go to the hospital and tell the pediatrician directly to do this examination.

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