What\’s wrong with a child\’s stomachache?

A parent asked a question: My baby is two years old and three months old. Recently, he often complains of abdominal pain, but does not cry. I don’t know if it’s really painful or just acting like a spoiled child. No one in the family has stomach problems. My digestion is not good and my stool is dry. What should I do? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: If there are no stomach problems in the family, the child’s stomachache may be related to poor digestion and dry stool. Usually eat more fiber-rich foods, such as: pears, prunes, red dragon fruit, kiwi, broccoli, bamboo shoots, green vegetables, millet, pumpkin, fungus, kelp, etc. The baby is over two years old and has the ability to chew. Do not mince the food too finely to avoid destroying the fiber. It is recommended to massage the child\’s belly every day, such as clockwise massage, with a little force on the hands, and slowly rub the abdomen to promote intestinal peristalsis and help defecation. You can boil white radish and pear water for your child to drink, or you can take children\’s Changweikang granules and lactulose oral liquid for conditioning. Lactulose oral liquid is used to treat dry stool in children. It can be stopped after the condition improves. Children\’s Changweikang granules can be taken for a period of time. Finally, let the child eat normally, control the amount of food, and don\’t eat too much and too much.

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