What\’s wrong with red spots on baby\’s face after crying? Need treatment?

The baby is two years and one month old. After crying at noon yesterday, there were small red spots under the eyelids and near the temples. It seemed less red at night, but it is still there. Should I go to the hospital for further examination? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: This problem is not a big problem and usually subsides in about a week. This is caused by subcutaneous bleeding caused by crying and holding your breath. If there is no bleeding elsewhere, no further examination is needed. Question 2: My baby is 37 days old. He always gets startled when sleeping and feeding, especially when feeding. What is going on? Dr. Wang Yanli answered: Startled, sudden, and occasionally shaking limbs or jaws are considered to be caused by the infant\’s nervous system not yet being fully developed. Vitamin D can be supplemented and taken until the age of two. Question 3: In the past month or two, I have felt a little bloated in my lower abdomen about a week before my period. It’s not obvious, but it’s just a bit uncomfortable. For a few days, the leucorrhea is sometimes transparent and sometimes white. Please ask your doctor. What disease am I symptomatic of? Does this have anything to do with cervical cancer? Dr. Pan Guilan answered: It is recommended to do an abdominal color ultrasound to see if there is pelvic effusion, or pelvic inflammatory disease, which is also the case. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it uterine cold. Pay attention to keeping the abdomen warm. If you have nothing to do, you can cover it with a warm baby. Do not eat spicy and irritating cold food. Food and cervical cancer are contact bleeding, so don’t worry.

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