When a child makes a mistake, what should parents do?

Everyone makes mistakes, and so do we. As for parents, how should they deal with their children\’s mistakes so as not to hurt their children\’s self-esteem and give them correct guidance? Today, the editor will share with you such a case and see what the father in this story did. One day, this father took his son to a friend\’s house to play. My son was quickly attracted to the small airplane model in his uncle’s room. After playing with it for a while, I really like it and really want it. So I secretly picked it up while no one was paying attention. On the way home with his father, he felt very entangled and uncomfortable. He couldn\’t help but \”confes\” to his father that he had stolen someone else\’s small plane. Dad was silent for a moment. The son still clearly remembers his father\’s brief silence at that time, and how scared he was standing on the roadside. Then, his father said to him in a very gentle manner: \”Let\’s go back together and return the small plane to uncle. Dad will buy you another one later.\” So he followed his father back to return the small plane extremely reluctantly, but he felt reluctant to let it go. I was so ashamed that I seemed to be scared to tears. The father just calmly went back and explained: \”I\’m sorry, the child accidentally took away the toy, and now I\’m sending it back.\” That\’s how it went. He received no blame, and his father told no one else about it. This incident left a deep impression on him, and whenever he talked about it, he would be grateful for his father\’s warmth and attentiveness in handling the matter. What did this father do when faced with his child\’s mistakes? First of all, he never used the word \”steal\” to describe his child\’s behavior. Because children\’s concepts of right and wrong are formed by listening to their parents\’ evaluations and observing their parents\’ reactions. Not giving negative labels to children easily and not exaggerating the children\’s mistakes are the protection of the children. Sometimes children do not form a precise understanding of a thing. If parents roughly characterize their children because of their temporary behavior, they will instead let their children put themselves into that situation. The more emphasis is placed on something, the easier it is to be stimulated. Secondly, ensure a stable mood and calmly think of appropriate solutions. No beating or scolding, no preaching. When he learned that his child had \”stolen\” something from someone else\’s house, his father did not immediately hit or scold him in anger, nor did he immediately start to reason with him in a long and sincere manner. Instead, let yourself stop and think about it, and then deal with it in the simplest, most effective, gentle and appropriate way. Then, use actions to demonstrate and guide your children correctly. The attentive father saw that the child knew in his heart that it was wrong to take other people\’s things. The anger and stubbornness in the child\’s lowered head also revealed his inner struggle. Therefore, he can immediately judge: In fact, what children need is not the big truth about what is right and what is wrong, but the need to learn the correct approach from mistakes. Therefore, in this matter, what the father showed to the boy was tolerance and responsibility. He used the sentence \”Give it back together\” to teach the child the correct correction method from his mistakes. He used the sentence \”Dad will buy it for you if you want it.\” Show him the right way to get what he wants. Two simple sentences, but you can understand this father\’s wisdom in dealing with people and his meticulous love and care for his children.guidance. Finally, there is a very important point: what is done is done. Do not investigate repeatedly, do not paraphrase casually, protect the child\’s self-esteem, and give the child the maximum respect. Although the child is still young, he already has a sense of self-esteem and shame. If a person who witnesses a child making a mistake can stand from the child\’s perspective, he will definitely not want his bad behavior to be known to more people, even his family members. Therefore, not telling others about this matter is the best way to protect your child\’s self-esteem. What do you think after reading what this father did? Every parent was once a child, and there have been moments when they blame themselves, feel guilty, or even get hurt and feel wronged after making mistakes. At that time, they must be very eager to get their parents\’ understanding and tolerance. When this desire is ignored or treated roughly by parents, the shame and loss in the heart may be mixed with a trace of resentment, forming a knot in the heart and leaving a lingering shadow in life. \”Disciple Regulations\” says: Encouraging others to do evil is evil; if the disease is serious, disaster will occur. Don\’t easily damage your child\’s self-esteem because of a mistake, and don\’t easily define your child\’s character because of a single mistake. Carefully observe your children\’s thoughts and ideas, find out the reasons behind them, and then use skillful and convenient methods to help your children recognize and correct their mistakes. Life is about growing from mistakes. Compared with the lessons learned from a wrong thing, the tolerance, trust and positive guidance given by parents to their children can leave a far-reaching impact on their children\’s lives, helping them to welcome every mistake positively and become a better person. better self. I hope that every child can correctly recognize mistakes and grow from them with the help of his parents. I hope every parent will face their children\’s mistakes, treat it as a practice, and grow with their children.

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