When the child enters adolescence, the mother will become silly and sweet

Countless parents have reported that adolescent children will fall out when asked, which is too difficult to do. So today I will share two stories about my dynamic hypnosis training. The first one is M, a freshman in high school. He was admitted to a general high school, but his parents arranged for him to go to a key high school through connections. As you can imagine, he was crushed by a group of top students as soon as he entered. After three months, he successfully entered the bottom of the class contempt chain. So he was crushed, but his parents still believed that the difficulty was temporary and that if he worked hard, he would definitely catch up. But M quit and was passive and slow in work. His parents introduced him to me for hypnosis. After M did it three times, he complained: I don’t want to stay in this key high school anymore. My parents don’t know who I am. Don’t I know it myself? So he asked me to deliver a message to his parents: In September this year, he will transfer to a regular high school. He was admitted based on his ability. As for what he will do in the future, he will be responsible for it. This is what he told me two months ago. At that time, he had a bad relationship with his parents, so I truthfully informed his parents of this information. At that time, his parents were extremely helpless and said they would think about it first. Duel? Don’t compete with adolescent children. High-definition scan and PDF download. After thinking about it for a month, his parents agreed. From then on, M\’s face was full of smiles, as if he had received some honor, and he was very happy. At the end of April, his mother reported good news to me: his M score had improved, and he had moved up 8 places from the bottom of the class. In fact, he was capable, or else he should not transfer to another school! It was my turn to quit because I knew where M’s progress came from. I said: I keep my thoughts to myself. I won\’t convey your message either. His mother saw that I was resolute and said: Then I will talk to the head teacher. In the second week, the mother was defeated again: it was bad, the class teacher told the child, but the child stopped listening to the class and did not do homework that day. Why is this? Because children are asserting their rights! Adolescent children need the most support from their parents: respect. And this child obviously got admitted to a high school, and he happily accepted it, but his parents insisted on making the child obey them and go to a school that did not belong to the child in the first place. When the child can\’t keep up, the parents try their best to pull them forward. When they can\’t pull anymore, they borrow external force. Suddenly they find that the child has started and his grades have improved, so he resumes his daydream: the child will stand out from a key middle school. Then they made great progress all the way until they passed the 985 exam and the whole family entered their peak state! However, they don\’t understand where the child\’s sudden progress comes from? It was before that hypnosis training that he learned that his parents finally agreed that he should transfer back to an ordinary high school. He felt that he was respected and accepted. Then this feeling of acceptance and respect entered his subconscious through hypnosis, and he appeared. That leap. However, when the parents\’ attitude changes later and the child\’s anger escalates, the result is that the child is completely ruined and lies flat. Fortunately, after the parents communicated with the class teacher, the class teacher was also very wise and frankly told her: Every minute of a child in high school is precious. Your power struggle with your child is a waste of his time. Instead of doing this, it is better to give him this opportunity. , respect his choice. So husbandThe two wives finally chose to give up the fight and completely respect their children\’s wishes. Soon, the child regained his energy. Not only did he pick up the textbooks and study hard, he also told me: In fact, the reason why I worked so hard before was because I wanted to study better here. After I transferred to another school, I would go to that ordinary middle school. You can be at the top. I would rather make chicken heads than phoenix tails. From then on, the parents gave up and only provided their children with breakfast and dinner every day, and did not interfere with anything else. As a result, the children\’s condition got better and better. M said to me during training the day before yesterday: I think my mother looks pretty good now, she seems a bit paler. I asked her: Is it because she doesn’t care about you much anymore and you are more pleased with her? He nodded desperately: Yes, she used to take care of me every few days when I washed my hair, and asked about any book I read. I was so suffocated that I didn’t even want to eat what she cooked. It seems like my home has been much quieter recently, as if a hundred mosquitoes have disappeared. What a vivid metaphor. The mother who used to be a micromanager turned out to be disgusting in the eyes of her children, but now the mother who is hands-off and quiet has become a favorite in the eyes of her children. So, someone is right: out of the ten sentences a mother says to her children, 9 are actually nonsense. And if you talk too much nonsense, it will become disgusting. Let’s look at the feedback from another child. J is a girl in the second grade of junior high school. Why does she want to do dynamic hypnosis training? It wasn\’t her parents\’ idea at all, it was her own. The reason was that J’s classmate was doing training with me and she discovered it. She said that classmate used to be very timid. He was afraid to answer even the teacher’s questions and would break into cold sweats during exams. Later, he did a period of training and became calm. I also have courage. So J also wanted to do it. I asked her at that time: What do you want to improve? She said: I want to improve my academic performance. I am currently ranked 15th in the class. I would be satisfied if I ranked in the top 5. I\’m curious: What do your parents think? Because for most of my students, the improvement goals they mentioned were actually the wishes of their parents, and they came half-heartedly. J said: My mother doesn’t understand at all. She also said don’t work so hard, 15th place is pretty good. Mom turned out to be 36th in the class. I laughed after hearing this. Many people may think that this mother is really stupid and too slow. But I think this mother is a treasure. Because she is not anxious, she sees wind or rain, and she does not think about how to carve her child or how to push her child all day long. J also agrees: My mother is just a silly person. She goes to work every day and spends more time looking in the mirror than me in the morning. Cooking and walking in the evening take up all her leisure time. I asked J: How do you feel about having such a mother? She said: I feel like I have won the lottery. I pass notes to my male classmates without worrying about my mother seeing it, because my mother never looks at my things. I wanted to be lazy in gym class once and pretended to be sick when I went home. My mother actually knew about it and didn\’t expose me. Also, I once stole 50 yuan from her to buy a blind box. She came back at night and found it. I searched for it for a long time and said to myself: Maybe I remembered it wrong, forget it. J couldn\’t bear to see her mother like that, so she borrowed 50 yuan from a classmate and secretly put it back next to her pillow… So every time I watchWhen you get to J, you will be infected by her smile. It is not a polite smile, but her habit. She grew up in a family full of freedom and trust with a mother who said very little nonsense and seemed very stupid. , her heart will become very stable. This stability will give her space for self-exploration, energy for upward growth, and space for self-adjustment after trial and error. On the contrary, we often see some children looking depressed and depressed. It is not because they encounter much pressure from the outside, but because they are doubted, controlled and mistrusted in the family environment, which consumes too much energy. As a result, they are unable to go all out in coping with academic and social aspects, but are faced with obstacles. To sum up, if you have adolescent children at home, parents should not be too smart or too opinionated. It\’s about acting a little silly, speaking a little less, and smiling a little sweeter. This will not only make your child smarter and more independent, but also make him automatically docile, because he can\’t bear to hurt you, who is so safe and harmless.

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