When will the unspeakable sex education begin?

Maybe one day, your children will ask, \”Where do I come from?\” \”Why doesn\’t my sister have a penis?\” \”Why do boys pee standing up while girls sit down?\” You may find it difficult to ask questions like this, and look embarrassed on your face. , and then he hesitated and changed the topic. However, sex education is a required course for growth. It\’s just a little different and feels shy. For us to tell it to our children, it is somewhat different from telling picture book stories. It\’s like my son asked me, \”Dad, how did I get here?\” \”You were born to mom and dad together.\” \”No, no, you were born in mom\’s belly.\” I believe many parents stop here. . But the child will definitely think, since I was born by my mother, what does my father do? Why is there a father? Therefore, I always tell the child that his parents were born together. Half dad, half mom, we both love you. But my son asked, \”How did my parents give birth to me together?\” At this time, I couldn\’t resist. Then I showed him the following video \”Serena Williams Goes Forward\” and also read the book, and the effect was very good. After reading it, he basically understood what this together meant. It\’s just a weird child who will ask you, how did Xiao Wei swim there? At this time, we can only tell him, \”Well, I will tell you this when you are older.\” Faced with children\’s problems, we find it difficult to talk about it. The most important thing is that our knowledge of sex education is very lacking. The sex education we received back then was almost blank. Like when you ask yourself how you got here. The parents who were startled by your question answered: \”picked it up\”, \”turned out from under the bed\”, \”picked it up from the pit\”, \”fallen out of the creaking nest\”, \”washed in by the flood\” …Some children really take this seriously and cry over it. I remember that one of my little friends was really sad. He said that his father told him that he picked it up from outside, and he was very afraid that his parents would not love him. Therefore, I think when children ask where they come from, they mainly want to determine the connection between their parents and themselves, determine whether their parents will always love them, and build a sense of security by asking questions. Therefore, you must tell your children: You were born to your parents together, and you are the best child. Like Serena Williams, you won from hundreds of millions of players and became our child. You are great. In this way, children will not only get a sense of security, but also get encouragement from their parents. I think the sex education for children when they are young can be more vague and beautiful, and don’t show them some naked popular science pictures. Because children at different stages have different perceptions of sex, but their growth is proceeding quietly. For example, between the ages of 0 and 2, infant children will begin to recognize body parts, including genitals, and will differentiate between men and women on their own, such as \”father, mother\” and \”boy, girl\”. I remember that when my son was two years old, he knew that he and that The difference between the girls we play with is that they say they have penises, while the little sister doesn\’t. By the age of 2-6, children will strengthen their gender awareness, and they will like some toys and games that match their gender. For example, boys will worship powerful things and like things full of power.Big trucks, like mighty dinosaurs. And girls like some pink and brightly colored dolls. At this time, as long as parents educate the child, the child will understand some basic sexual knowledge, such as that both men and women need to work together to give birth to a baby, and the baby grows in the mother\’s womb; they can understand that the body is their own and cannot be touched by others.\” \”private parts\” and can refuse inappropriate contact; the average child will have a basic understanding of both genders when they are over 6 years old. Of course this varies from person to person. I took my 7-year-old nephew to go swimming. He took off his clothes all at once and didn\’t feel shy. However, the other child, who was over 6 years old, seemed shy and didn\’t want to change clothes in front of so many people. At this stage, children have a basic understanding of sexual relations, understand the relationship between love and sex; understand and form respect for privacy, nudity and relationships with others; prepare for the knowledge of the upcoming adolescence; give children the correct sexual orientation at an early age The main purpose of enlightenment is to help children find the connection between themselves and their parents, build a sense of security, and convey love. At the same time, teach children how to protect themselves and avoid risks as they grow up. Sex education is a very comprehensive education. Only when parents understand their children\’s psychological characteristics and needs can they guide their children correctly. A mother left a message saying that her 3-year-old son always played with his penis, which became red, swollen and inflamed. Another mother said that her daughter would sometimes sit on a chair and squeeze her legs hard, and her little face would turn red from holding it in. I really don’t know why my child is like this and I don’t know what to do? In fact, you really shouldn\’t worry, this is very normal behavior. What parents need is acceptance and guidance, not accusations and worries. A child\’s exploration of private parts is usually out of curiosity. An accidental touch may make him feel comfortable, but this is not sexual behavior or premature puberty. From the perspective of children\’s psychology, although the behavior of children\’s psychology is similar to that of adult masturbation, they are actually not the same thing. It can be said that young children playing with their genitals are just out of pure curiosity and are not a mature sexual behavior. Just like a baby starts to know its own hands at a stage, and often lies there to observe and play with them. The bodies that young children explore include: fingers, toes, mouth, nose, belly button, genitals, etc. If such behavior is discovered, parents can try to divert the child\’s attention, such as inviting him to play games or taking them out to play, to help them restrain this behavior. In addition, tell the child to protect himself outside and no one can touch his body. Sex education must be carried out as early as possible. The older the child is, the harder it is for parents to talk about it. And the sex education in our current schools is lacking. Therefore, it is particularly important to provide children with good sex education before they are 10 years old. If the child has entered puberty, sex education is particularly important. The descriptions of sex in some movies, TV shows and books are so illusory that they fascinate children. Pornographic pictures and websites on the Internet are also poisoning children, so parents must do a good job of firewalling. You can buy some professional and high-quality sex education books for your children. Parents can read them themselves first and feelIt can be given to children, and you can even write what you want to say on it. Another method is \”peer education\” which has become more popular in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States in recent years. It uses the influence of peers to develop self-education and self-help groups for young people to resist the negative influence from society. There is no obstacle to communication between children. I remember that a group of boys in the dormitory were talking about sexual topics. Some of them would always talk like lecturers with more knowledge, and then everyone would talk about it. You can also learn a lot of knowledge. Finally, I would like to recommend some good sex education picture books to children: \”The Story of a Little Dick\” tells them the origin of life with gentle pictures and gentle language; \”I am a girl, my brother is a boy\” tells children where boys and girls are It’s different; “Serena Williams Goes Forward” is the No.1 movie that will be mentioned in all sexual enlightenment; “My Brother is Born” is suitable for families with two children to explain pregnancy and childbirth to their children; this difficult lesson is always It needs to be learned, and parents should try their best to help their children learn this lesson well.

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