When you are pregnant, the mother must protect the baby

Pregnant women should pay special attention to protection during the forming period and should understand the following aspects of knowledge, such as home self-monitoring, reasonable diet is conducive to eugenics, the relationship between pregnant women’s nutritional status and eugenics, taboos for pregnant women in residence, and bathing for pregnant women. Taboos for pregnant women, housework taboos for pregnant women, exercise taboos for pregnant women, dressing taboos for pregnant women, sexual life taboos for pregnant women, radiation taboos for pregnant women, drug taboos for pregnant women, psychological taboos for pregnant women, etc.

Live a regular life: Prioritize peace in daily life, such as taking in more fresh air in the morning and doing appropriate For activities, ensure 8 hours of sleep every day. If conditions permit, you can take a nap. Don’t be too relaxed (such as being too snoozy) or too strenuous (such as lifting heavy objects or climbing high altitudes, etc.). If the Qi is exhausted, it will be stagnant, leading to dystocia; if the Qi is exhausted, the Qi will be weak, leading to fetal injury and miscarriage. Develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day to ensure smooth bowel movements, but avoid using laxatives.

Pay attention to personal hygiene: Change clothes frequently and bathe frequently, but the bathing time should not be too long. Bathing and swimming. Pay special attention to vaginal cleanliness to prevent bacterial infection. Clothing should be loose, and belts should not be tight. Flat shoes should be worn at ordinary times.

Choose the right diet: Food should be easy to digest. Especially choose foods rich in various vitamins and trace elements, such as various vegetables, fruits, beans, eggs, meat, etc. Those with gastrointestinal deficiency and coldness should be cautious about taking foods that are cold in nature, such as mung beans, white fungus, lotus seeds, etc.; those with a constitution of yin deficiency and strong fire should be careful about taking rooster, beef, dog meat, carp and other foods that are easy to cause internal heat.

Keep your mood comfortable: Obstetrics and gynecology researchers believe that spontaneous abortion is caused by the subcortical center of the pregnant woman\’s brain. Caused by hyperexcitation, experiments have shown that the functional state of the nervous system plays a decisive role in miscarriage. Therefore, during pregnancy, the spirit should be comfortable, avoid various stimulations, and use various methods to eliminate tension, boredom, and fear to harmonize emotions.

Be careful about sexual intercourse:For pregnant women, sexual intercourse should be avoided within 3 months of pregnancy and after 7 months of pregnancy. Those with habitual abortions should strictly refrain from sexual intercourse during this period. p>

Regular prenatal check-ups: Regular prenatal check-ups should begin in the second trimester to facilitate doctors\’ timely Detect and deal with abnormal situations, and provide guidance on health care during pregnancy.

Use cosmetics with caution: Pregnant women if necessary Makeup must be cleaned thoroughly every night to prevent pigmentation; make-up should not be too heavy, especially lipstick and foundation; avoid using cosmetics containing hormones and heavy metals such as copper, mercury, lead, etc., and choose good quality, guaranteed ingredients, Simple, mild products with natural raw materials as the main ingredients; the products used are clean, expired products and other people’s cosmetics are strictly not used; do not tattoo eyeliner, eyebrows, red lips, or pluck eyebrows during pregnancy, and use an eyebrow trimmer instead; During pregnancy, do not use whitening products due to the occurrence of pregnancy spots; refuse cold perms and hair dyes; try not to apply lipstick. If you use it, wipe it off when drinking water and before eating to prevent harmful substances from entering the mother\’s body through the mouth.

Use medication with caution: In the first 3 months of pregnancy, the fetal organs enter the period of development, so during this period The use of drugs for a period of time is very dangerous and can cause malformations and birth defects in the fetus, and even miscarriage. Although the second trimester of pregnancy is considered the safest period, drugs can still interfere with the development of the baby\’s nervous system. It affects the growth of the child and leads to low birth weight. If unfortunately, the expectant mother becomes ill during pregnancy and has to take medication, she must use it under the guidance of a doctor.

Abandon bad habits:Pregnant women at this time should consciously give up the temptation of some bad habits, such as cigarettes, wine, coffee, drinks, etc.

There was once an outpatient patient who lost 3 kilograms of weight during the first three months of pregnancy. Of course, this is normal and will gradually improve after the symptoms of early pregnancy are relieved. Many women experience nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. in early pregnancy. , the general early pregnancy reaction is a physiological phenomenon caused by changes in hormones in the body. Mild vomiting can also affect the nutritional balance of pregnant women, cause malnutrition, affect the development of the fetus and the health of the pregnant woman, so appropriately and actively improve the early pregnancy reaction Extremely important.

So, what should expectant mothers do during early pregnancy?What about relieving early pregnancy symptoms?

Psychological victory: Keep a relaxed and happy mood and learn some health care knowledge by yourself. Fully understand the effects of early pregnancy and relieve the psychological burden. The husband\’s thoughtfulness and the care of relatives and medical staff can relieve pregnant women\’s worries and enhance their confidence in overcoming pregnancy reactions. In addition, they also need a comfortable environment, which can alleviate symptoms.

Dietary strategies: Pay attention to the shape, color and taste of food, and change the types of food. Make it appetizing. Eat what you want when you can. Reduce the amount you eat each time and eat smaller meals more often. Drinking more water and eating more foods rich in fiber and vitamin B1 can prevent constipation, which can aggravate the symptoms of early pregnancy. Improving the dining environment can change the mood and stimulate the appetite of pregnant women.

Moderate activity: Don’t think that you can stay in bed all day just because you have nausea or vomiting, otherwise it will only make it worse. Early pregnancy reactions, if the amount of activity is too little, symptoms such as nausea, loss of appetite, and fatigue will be more serious, easily forming a vicious cycle. You should appropriately participate in some gentle activities, such as walking outdoors, doing health exercises for pregnant women, etc., which can improve your mood, strengthen your body, and reduce early pregnancy reactions.

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