Whether a child loves reading or not, choosing the right book is the key

A mother said, \”My child doesn\’t like reading. Even if I take him to a bookstore, he only reads weird comics. What should I do?\” Every parent hopes that their children will fall in love with reading. Because the way a child reads is really beautiful. Hold a book, sit on the bedside, or lean on the sofa. The little mind is already flying in the vast world. There are feelings, experiences and happiness that we cannot give him at this moment. The scholarly atmosphere brought by reading is also revealed in children\’s conversations. The accumulation of knowledge eventually made his thoughts more profound and weighty. How do these children who love reading open the door to reading? Which book gave children a taste of the sweetness of books? Whether a child loves reading or not depends on the guidance and example of his parents. Another key is whether you choose the right book. When choosing books for your children, you must be careful and check the quality first. Because there are too many mediocre books, you will be hard-pressed to guard against them. I still remember when I went to Beijing the year before last, I went to visit a friend at the book market. The place he rented was a large wholesale book market. As soon as I sat down, I heard the sound of tape being ripped off and packed from next door. I said, \”Is your business next door so good?\” \”It\’s cheap. Those picture books wholesale only cost 2 yuan each, and they sell for 9.9 at a certain store. There are many people asking for the goods, and there are one or two hundred pieces every day.\” I went to the corridor and took a look through the half-open door. There were several piles of books neatly stacked inside. There are classic picture books such as \”David Goes to School\” and \”Guess How Much I Love You\” that we are familiar with. \”They can print out any copy you want,\” the friend said. \”This is too harmful to children, no one will take care of it?\” \”I took care of it, burned it, confiscated it, hid it and came back again.\” That experience deeply touched me. So every time I choose group-purchased books for the children on the platform, I must get them directly from the publishing house. First make sure the channel is genuine, and then make a decision after seeing the sample book in person and reading it to your son. Why is there a market for these pirated books? Because many people have not paid attention to this issue. Parents who are busy with their jobs all day long have no time to study books. Let me first talk about some rigid indicators of book selection: paper, ink, beautiful and safe printing, and appropriate thickness and size. Don’t let your children read too much of the 3-yuan book on Moubao. It’s best not to read it at all. You have never seen the colors and lines of genuine books, so sometimes you don’t feel the “junkness” of pirated copies. But not seeing it doesn’t mean there is no harm. Not only does it smell pungent, but it\’s also sometimes misprinted. Of course, some genuine books will have a taste after receiving them. However, the ink used by regular publishing houses for printing has been tested and will dissipate after airing, and is not toxic. But the smell of pirated books will always be there, even making you feel sick and dizzy. There are also adapted books that are often mailed in a wallet for more than ten yuan, or books sold by the pound at neighborhood shopping malls. Regardless of the content, if you calculate the production cost plus the express delivery fee, can the quality of this book be guaranteed? Books read to children must have strict fonts and clear and beautiful printing. And for little ones, books with rounded corners are easier to protect than books with right angles. In terms of size, for older childrenThere are no requirements for children, but the little ones prefer smaller ones, palm books, and finger books are simply their favorites, because their world is small. Except for the quality of the book. One of the most important principles when choosing books should be that children love to read. In daily communication, many parents will ask me what books should I read to their children? I usually first ask the child what books he has read? What kind of books do you like? Many mothers simply don’t know what their children’s reading comprehension skills are, so they have no idea how to choose books. When we choose books for our children, we actually act as a \”gatekeeper\”. When children are young, what kind of books they can read basically depends on our hands. Therefore, the effort parents put in directly affects the choice of books. This affects the development of children\’s interest in reading. Only parents who have worked hard on their children since childhood. In the process of insisting on parent-child reading together, parents who actively participate in their children\’s reading can have a good grasp of their children\’s reading ability, and this is a prerequisite for choosing books. Only by understanding your child\’s abilities and interests can you choose books that your child truly loves to read. Every child\’s abilities are different. Some children at the age of 7 can read books written by 9-year-olds, because each child\’s reading ability is different. Children begin to develop their various abilities when they are born to learn about things. Different children must have different abilities and specialties. This requires parents to pay more attention to observation and guidance. Don’t think that this is a book list or a few words from the teacher that can solve the problem. The other thing is to look at the children’s interests. The sooner you develop your children\’s interest in reading, the better. Jews love to read. In every Jewish family, when a child is a little sensible, the mother will open the Bible, drop a little honey on it, and then ask the child to kiss the honey on the Bible. Let children feel that books are sweet from an early age. Parents also continue to tell their children the above stories to cultivate their reading habits and let their children experience that reading is as important as eating. Of course, we have not done this, but we should also let children feel that books are sweet and make people happy from an early age. I have prepared colorful and fun books for my son since he was a few months old, such as cave books, card books, flip books, and bath books. If these interesting and fun things like toys are held in a child\’s hands, he will be happy, and you will tell him with a smile that this is a \”book\”. Children will constantly hear their parents say this is a book. Reading the book makes me happy and sweet. In this way, a seed of reading is sown in the child\’s world. If a child really likes books, he will continue to have a strong interest in books after he is 2 years old, and will start to form a reading habit by 3 years old. Also, don’t force him to read it. Some mothers see their children only reading comics every day and force them to read literary books. The children will definitely not be able to accept it all at once. You can give him some beautiful picture books with strong stories. There are still many pictures and relatively few words to give the child a transition. Or choose some books for your children that combine knowledge and fun. For example, we have recommended \”The Secret Series\” and \”DK Encyclopedia\” before, as well as \”Mystery\” which won the British Book Award.\”Diary\” series. It can stimulate children\’s interest and increase their knowledge. Another important point about book selection is balance. The most terrifying situation is to only read books such as Tang poetry and Song lyrics, idiom stories, and composition collections to the children. The better ones also include an adapted version of Andersen\’s fairy tales, without allowing the children to read extensively. Just like feeding children, we must pay attention to the reasonable combination of nutrients, and the same goes for choosing books. If your child likes reading comics, you can’t just buy comic books at home; if your child likes geography and history, then ignore other natural sciences; if your child likes fairy tales, then you shouldn’t read social science literature. , the content is diversified to broaden children\’s horizons. We can give our children some similar choices and slowly open up his horizons. For example, if an 8-year-old child likes adventure comic books, can we recommend \”Robinson Crusoe\”, \”Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea\”, and \”The Mysterious Island\” to him? If you like animal novels, in addition to some domestic bestsellers, why not read \”Call of the Wild\” and \”Seton Animal Stories\”? In fact, children sometimes only come into contact with a small pond and cannot see that there are big rivers and seas outside. Parents choose good books for their children, just like giving them a sailboat for a long voyage. Parents should constantly improve their feelings about books. In the early years, picture books were not well known, and no one even bought them. Nowadays, the promotion of picture books has finally achieved some results, and parents are beginning to get in touch with and understand the importance of picture books. But some parents are still puzzled, saying that picture books are so expensive for just a few thin sheets of paper, so they might as well buy cheap storybooks. One time a mother said she bought a picture book and wanted to return it. The reason is that the book is too thin and not as thick as I imagined. The world classic picture book has 32 pages and is priced at 36 yuan, or 22 yuan after discount. She thinks that 22 yuan can buy a thick composition book or enlightenment on Chinese studies on Taobao. For picture books that children read, please do not judge them based on their thickness. I still remember that there was a 3D Journey to the West before. One mother also felt that there was not much paper and it was not worth it. But how much time and energy did the producers spend on those hundreds of three-dimensional effects? In fact, we should pay tribute to those authors who work hard. Because of the happiness and gains a good set of books brings to children. It\’s not something that tens of dollars, or one or two hundred dollars can bring. When choosing a book, you still have to look at its inherent quality and whether it can bring children the joy of reading. Beautiful, high-quality original paintings and good paper are all costs, and good printing and production processes are also crucial. For example, the workmanship and design of the mysterious journal have subverted many people\’s understanding of books. It brings great shock to the children. In addition, good books contain seemingly short texts. The translators and editors spent no less time polishing it than other books (some full-length rhyming stories and nursery rhymes are not easy to translate). Only good stories, good paintings, and good translations can create a good classic picture book. After reading with your children for a long time, you will definitely have your own experience. The only premise is that you persist in reading together with your children.

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