Which fruits are better to eat during pregnancy to protect against radiation?

What can expectant mothers eat when they are hungry during pregnancy? I believe the first thing that many people think of is fruits. Moreover, with the improvement of people\’s living standards, various household appliances are available, and people have to pay attention to the impact of various household appliances on the health of users. Pregnant mothers are more or less exposed to these electrical appliances. If you are pregnant, eat more of this fruit, because it is the magic weapon of radiation protection. Strawberries – the magic weapon of radiation protection. Strawberries contain 250-500 mg of vitamin C per 500 grams. Strawberries It also contains a large amount of vitamin E and polyphenol antioxidants. These nutrients can resist high-intensity radiation and slow down the damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, pregnant mothers who are often exposed to computers or other radiation can often eat strawberries, but remember not to exceed 500 grams per day. Download the 40-week pregnancy manual [PDF+TXT version] Eating strawberries can also help the development of the fetus. Because strawberries are sour fruits, when the fetus is developing, the bones need a lot of minerals. Calcium salts need to be deposited to form bones. Don\’t open sour food to help. Therefore, strawberries are helpful for the development of the fetus. The correct way to eat strawberries is to soak the strawberries in water for fifteen minutes without removing the leaves. This will allow most pesticides to dissolve with the water. Then remove the leaves from the strawberries, soak them in salt water for five minutes, then rinse them with water, and they are ready to eat. Don’t eat washed strawberries right away. It’s best to soak them in light salt water or rice water for 5 minutes. Light salt water can kill harmful microorganisms remaining on the surface of strawberries; rice water is alkaline and can promote the degradation of acidic pesticides. When washing strawberries, be careful not to remove the strawberry stems. If the stem-removed strawberries are soaked in water, residual pesticides will enter the fruit with the water, causing more serious pollution. In addition, do not soak strawberries in detergents such as detergent. These substances are difficult to clean and can easily remain in the fruit, causing secondary pollution.

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