Why are slow parents the most amazing?

An epiphany, what happened to the power of “perception”? It’s not a big deal, to be precise, it’s an epiphany. This stemmed from a little over an hour of chatting with my leadership coach. Parents who are most popular with their children have this characteristic. What we talked about yesterday was some views on the current situation – in today\’s era of drastic changes, in the \”new era\” of digital currency and internal circulation, what should we do? Do some thinking or even coping? Sure enough, before a round of communication was completed, the coach started to say that it seemed that you were a little anxious and worried about this matter, and it often distracted you. In this way, a simple way is for us to calm down and feel our emotions and body… Big brother~ Here we go again! Mindfulness plus? I\’m talking about a serious topic with you, so don\’t ask me to \”meditate\” again. Don’t get me wrong, the coach I hired was not the kind of charlatan or “immortal” you might imagine. He is almost the same age as me. He came back after studying in the United States. He is diligent, studious, and well-read. Whether it is entrepreneurship or lecturing, whether it is business management, psychology, Tai Chi, traditional Chinese medicine, etc., he is a generalist, loves to study, and is good at review. . I didn\’t do what he said. He himself closed his eyes and muttered something, haha. I was too embarrassed to talk any more, so the whole room fell silent, as if time had stopped. Suddenly, I had an epiphany about the word \”perception\” he said: 1. Perception. Between thinking and action. Just like the title of Stephen Covey\’s \”The Third Choice\”, you don\’t need to make immediate judgments about things, nor do you need to take immediate action. But it has an energy field and is powerful. 2. Perception is a practice of flow and the only way to physical mastery and spiritual excellence. If you see or meet a person/thing, you are eager to make a judgment and eager to execute, and they are called assertive and strong in execution respectively. You think \”perception\” is a waste of time, grinding, and drifting. This is actually a low-level mental habit and state. 3. Perception is a kind of letting go, but it is also a kind of control. Just like what Bruce Lee said about Be Water, he changes with the circumstances, but constantly builds a stronger self. How to play ball and get along with couples: The best is like water, cure it by doing nothing

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