Why do babies burst into tears when they see someone?

Many mothers have this experience when raising their babies. The baby is originally well-behaved and even giggles when being teased. However, when the baby sees \”someone\”, he will suddenly burst into tears and cannot be coaxed. . I remember that when my baby was just 3 months old, his father and I took her to visit a sick elder. The old man could only lie in bed due to physical reasons. Before we entered the old man’s bedroom, she was quite well behaved in the living room. There was someone there. I teased her and she still laughed, but as soon as I carried her into the old man\’s bedroom, she suddenly burst into tears. I was shocked at that time. I thought she was not feeling well. I touched her diaper and it was dry. I quickly coaxed her, but I couldn\’t coax her. Instead, she cried louder and louder, making everyone in the bedroom start to cry. No more chatting. So I quickly carried her out of the old man\’s bedroom and coaxed her in the living room. Soon she calmed down, stopped crying, and was very quiet. Her big eyes kept looking around. Another relative who came with me at that time mysteriously told me that it was not a good thing for such an old child to burst into tears when seeing a sick old man! I have always believed in science and did not agree with this superstitious statement. After we left this relative\’s house, I became curious and asked my husband. Seeing that he did not give a credible explanation, I decided to go back and look for it. Search the information to find out the reason. 1. What should parents do when their baby suddenly cries when they see \”someone\”? When we take care of babies under six months old, whether they are playing in the community or visiting relatives and friends, we will probably encounter such a situation. When the baby sees someone, he will suddenly change his face and cry. At this time, the person being stared at by the baby will be very unhappy, or when a relative or friend wants to hold the baby, the baby suddenly cries, making both parties very embarrassed. One weekend, I took little Amy to bask in the sun on the grass in the community. I was chatting with several mothers who were also raising babies. The babies were also very well-behaved. At that time, Yanyan\’s mother, the neighbor downstairs, was holding Yanyan, who had just turned half a year old. Suddenly Yanyan burst into tears. It turned out that an old lady over seventy years old was walking towards her. The old lady liked children better. When she saw Yanyan looking at She, she smiled at Yanyan and wanted to reach out to tease Yanyan. At this time, Yanyan\’s face suddenly changed and she began to cry very sadly. We quickly coaxed Yanyan, but the more we coaxed her, the harder she cried. It was not until the old man left lonely that Yanyan stopped crying. If we are playing with our baby while we are playing, and our baby suddenly bursts into tears when seeing someone, what should we do as parents? First of all, wise parents should first calm the baby\’s emotions. Don\’t let the baby stay there just to save face or take into account the opinions of relatives and friends. Nor should they still let others hold their baby when the baby is unwilling. . Secondly, if the baby suddenly bursts into tears when seeing a stranger, it may be because the baby is timid, does not feel safe enough, and is afraid of separation. In such a situation, as a mother, you should spend more time with your child to reduce the child\’s separation anxiety and give the child enough A sense of security and a close attachment relationship with the baby. Newborn baby care encyclopedia download ultra clear epub Finally, parents can take their babies downstairs to breathe fresh air in nature, play with babies of the same age, and let their babiesLet the baby establish connections with others, so that the baby will not be afraid of strange environments. And if the baby suddenly bursts into tears when seeing \”someone\”, I checked the information and found that it does have something to do with the baby\’s perspective, and there is indeed something \”special\” about the baby\’s perspective. 2. The baby crying suddenly when seeing \”someone\” is actually related to two reasons. The older generation of the family usually explains the baby crying suddenly when seeing \”someone\” because the baby saw \”something special\”. ” things, and these things are things that we adults cannot see. I think there should be a more scientific explanation for this. To this end, I checked a lot of information and consulted a doctor friend in pediatrics. In the end, I found the following two points to be quite convincing. ① The vision development of newborn babies is a process related to the baby\’s special \”perspective\” and \”vision\”. The range of vision of newborn babies is relatively small. Babies can generally see a distance of about 20cm. Newborn babies are usually more sensitive to red, black, and white. Secondly, newborn babies are more interested in talking faces. This is why when the baby is only a few months old, when the parents hold the baby and play with the baby, the baby\’s eyes will follow the movements of the parents\’ faces. Because the range of vision is limited, babies will be more interested in things with a greater contrast between light and dark. Researchers once conducted experiments and the results showed that babies are most interested in male faces. This is because male faces are more three-dimensional and have better contrast between light and dark. big. Babies are also very sensitive to black and white, because the black and white colors have a greater contrast between light and dark, which has a strong visual impact on the baby. The reason why many babies cry suddenly when they see many elderly people, especially older ones, is because as the elderly age, their facial collagen is lost, and the outline of their facial features becomes blurred. Three-dimensional, wrinkles make the face no longer smooth. It is precisely because of this that when the baby sees the old man\’s face, due to \”perspective angle\” and \”sight\” reasons, in the baby\’s eyes, the old man\’s face is blurry or even a little \”distorted\”, so the baby will be frightened and suddenly Crying loudly. ② The baby lacks psychological security. From the moment the baby is born, the person the baby relies on the most is the mother, because for a long time before and after the baby is born, the baby completely needs the mother\’s care, and the baby\’s understanding of the outside world is completely dependent on the mother. In the eyes of a newborn baby, the mother is the world, so for a long time, the baby\’s mood will change with the mother\’s mood changes. The psychologist Winnicott once said: \”The baby looks up to his mother and sees himself in the mother\’s eyes.\” This is a very special and tender description of the mother-infant relationship. Therefore, when the baby comes to a strange environment, especially when being held by a stranger, the baby will cry out of fear and use crying to refuse the stranger to hold him. In fact, this is the baby\’s \”recognition of life\”. Because of the dependence on the mother, the baby will suddenly cry when someone other than the mother or a stranger gestures to hold the baby. To reduce the baby\’s fear of unfamiliar environments, families can take the baby to activities in nature and let the baby see moreFeel the visual impact of different colors from the surrounding flowers, plants and trees, which can reduce your baby\’s fear of strangers and unfamiliar environments. Therefore, if the baby suddenly bursts into tears when he sees \”someone\”, especially when he sees a strange old man, in addition to feeling insecure because of the strangeness, to a large extent it has to do with the baby\’s \”vision\” and \”eyesight\” in his special stage. Perspective\”. Has your baby ever cried suddenly when seeing \”someone\”?

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