Why do breasts still produce yellow discharge after weaning? The reason is…

Question 1: Hello doctor, I have been weaned for half a year now. Recently, I have been feeling pain in my chest. It hurts more when I press it, and something like butter can be squeezed out of it. What is going on? Dr. Yu Jiangqi’s answer: This is because prolactin has not fully recovered. If the symptoms are not very serious, no drug treatment is needed. Just wait for recovery. If the symptoms are severe, you can take bromocriptine. If the symptoms are not severe, it is best not to take the medicine. Question 2: My baby is 1 year and 4 months old. He had a high fever of 39.5 degrees this morning. During this period, he drank antipyretics repeatedly, and his body temperature went up and down. I went to the hospital to check that my white blood cells were high, and it was said that I had an infection. The doctor said that if I have a high fever, I should drink Motrin, and if I have a low fever, I should drink more water. Is it okay to drink Motrin? Dr. Zhu Xiwei’s answer: You can take Motrin if the temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees, but you can only take it once every four hours. It is not recommended to take it more than four times within 24 hours. Question 3: Is it normal for a baby who is eight and a half months old to still be unable to sit still? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Abnormal. Generally speaking, you can sit still at 8 months. It is recommended to seek medical advice to evaluate your child\’s development and then take corresponding measures.

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