Why do children like to hit others?

Yesterday, Yaya\’s mother took Yaya to play in the community, and suddenly she heard a noise. When I walked in, I saw a mother holding a baby in her arms scolding her baby. Why is this? According to Bao\’s mother, her baby is very vicious. Every time she holds her, she will grab her hair with her hands for no reason, and she might even give herself a slap in the face. No, are you holding him and talking to your neighbors today? I don\’t know what\’s wrong, but the little guy stretched out his little hands and grabbed his mother\’s scanty hair and wouldn\’t let go. And the more he said that he would not be caught, the more energetic he became. This was the beginning of the scene. Indeed, many parents will find that their babies will start to pull adults\’ hair or hit adults in the face when they reach a certain month. For this reason, most parents express that they cannot understand this kind of behavior of their babies and wonder how such a young child can hit someone? In fact, this is not the baby hitting you on purpose, but a sign of intimacy with you. I wonder if parents have noticed that the people their babies hit are those they are familiar with. But there are still many hidden meanings behind the baby\’s hitting. Ya Ya’s mother thinks it’s better for parents to understand the real reason, so that they won’t know what to do when their baby hits her. What should parents do when their baby hits someone? First of all, don\’t lose your temper with your baby. A baby of a few months old definitely doesn\’t know what he is doing. How to raise children with high IQ? How is it made? If you start scolding your baby because of these unconscious actions, it will definitely leave a deep shadow on your baby\’s heart. After your baby hits you, he will be stunned for a moment and he will observe your reaction. If you are laughing at this time, he will think that you like him, so he will continue to hit you harder. Therefore, at this time, parents should not laugh or pay attention, but should look at him indifferently and tell the baby with his expression that the mother does not like it. Because the baby\’s ability to understand language at this period is still limited. When parents say, don\’t hit mom, the baby may not understand, so this \”cold treatment\” method is the most direct and effective. Why do babies slap adults in the face? Babies aged 2 to 6 months will tentatively touch the toys when playing with them. At this time, the baby\’s movements are still relatively gentle. When the baby is about one year old, when playing with toys, the baby\’s movements will change from touching to grabbing, or even hitting or pinching. In the eyes of parents, these behaviors are \”violence\”, a sign of not caring about toys, and a bad temper. But in the baby\’s world, these behaviors are actually no different from touching. Why is this? Because the brain development of babies at this age is not yet complete, the completion rate of such fine movements in the baby\’s world is not very high. To complete a grasping action, you need your eyes to find the object, your brain to issue instructions, and then your body to execute the action. After the hand touches the object, it takes time for the reflex arc to be reflected to the brain. This series of actions is completed in an instant. It may be very simple for an adult, but for a baby who has not yet fully developed, the completion of this set of actionsIt\’s not coherent. It is very likely that after the brain issued the instruction, the hand did not complete the action quickly, or the reflex arc of the hand after picking up the object was too slow, and the brain did not receive the information and was still conveying the grabbing instruction. At this time, the baby will catch things and throw them around, or grab an object and never let go. And you will find that when your baby slaps you in the face, he will keep laughing and being excited. In fact, this is your baby\’s subconscious touching you, but he doesn\’t control the intensity well, and he doesn\’t really want to hit you. Why do babies love to \”hit\” their mothers more? According to many mothers’ reports: half of their hair fell out when they gave birth to their babies, and half of their hair was pulled out after the baby was born. Why is this? To put it more simply, the baby likes the mother more! This behavior of the baby is a subconscious neurological reaction, a sign of blood connection, and a sense of security and tacit understanding during the ten-month pregnancy. This is why the baby prefers to hit the mother. There are reasons for the baby\’s behavior at different times. As a parent, you should calm down and carefully observe your baby\’s behavior, help your baby make an appropriate transition, and let him have a happy childhood.

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