Why do children like to sweat? Pay attention to supplement this substance…

Question 1: My daughter is 6 years and 4 months old. She is 1.3 meters tall. She likes to sweat very much. She is often so hot that her hair drips. In severe cases, her hair is completely wet. In addition, the child’s teeth are not in good shape and the surface is not smooth. Four teeth have been lost now. What should I do? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: First of all, there is the problem of sweating. Every child has a different constitution. Some children are afraid of heat and sweat easily. If your child sweats, wipe it away immediately, drink plenty of water, and supplement zinc appropriately. You can also take Yupingfeng powder and eat more fruits and vegetables. Secondly, there is the dental problem, considering that the oral hygiene work is not done well. It is generally recommended to brush your baby\’s teeth starting from the first tooth, and then apply fluoride and perform pit and fissure sealing and other care. Your child may be in the period of tooth replacement now. It is recommended that you clean your mouth well and brush your teeth every morning and evening, and wait until the teeth change before further intervention. Question 2: I am a mother. My child is over two years old. Sometimes the right nipple is itchy and there are pimples in it. There are no other abnormalities. What is going on? Dr. Pan Guilan’s answer: If the nipple does not become enlarged and does not hurt or itch, please observe it temporarily. Pay attention to keeping the nipples clean and dry, do not over-stimulate the breasts, and do not rinse with too hot water. If you are worried, you can go to the hospital for a breast ultrasound. Question 3: My seven-month-old baby, who is exclusively fed milk powder, has geographic tongue due to a long-term cold. What should I do? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: You can give your child multivitamins, and check blood routine to see if there is anemia, check vitamin levels to see if there is a lack of vitamin A, and check trace elements to see if there is a zinc deficiency.

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