Why do naughty children push pregnant women so hard? Parents are reluctant to take care of it, teachers dare not take care of it, and it is inconvenient for others to take care of it.

Last weekend, Doudehui saw a very infuriating popular Weibo post. A girl witnessed a fourth-grade kid who was 1.4 meters tall and weighed more than 120 kilograms violently pushing a pregnant woman… Fortunately, this girl has quick eyesight and quick hands. , one kneeled down and supported the pregnant woman who was about to fall. But what is irritating is that when asked why he did this, this \”naughty kid\” was still eating snacks leisurely and said nonchalantly: \”I saw on TV that pregnant women would miscarry if they fell. I just wanted to watch it.\” See if pushing her down will cause a miscarriage.\” When the girl heard this, she exploded on the spot… The girl moved from the dining room to the living room with a mop in her left hand and a rolling pin in her right hand, and finally kicked the naughty child out of the house. What’s even more irritating is that the grandmother of this “naughty child” complained to the girl’s parents afterwards: “The child’s back was swollen and her knees were bruised.” Doudehui originally thought that “the naughty child pushed” Incidents like \”pregnant women\” should be extreme cases, but if you look closely at the comment section of this Weibo post, countless mothers who have been spanked by \”naughty children\” pop up, and one mother even suffered a miscarriage because of it! Absolutely outrageous! Why are there so many \”naughty kids\” nowadays? It’s just that too many parents, like this girl’s aunt, spoil their children and turn them into scum. What is even more sad is that not only parents are reluctant to take care of their children, but now teachers also dare not take care of them, and it is inconvenient for others to take care of them. Therefore, \”naughty children\” everywhere have become a common problem in today\’s society. Someone posted on Weibo about the incident of \”a naughty child pushed a pregnant woman and was beaten violently\” and asked how teachers teach children nowadays. One teacher immediately responded: \”Don\’t worry about it.\” The teachers\’ replies seemed exaggerated, but it was the truth. In the past, when their children were disobedient, parents would tell the teacher: \”If they disobey, you will beat them!\” But now, 99% of teachers dare not control their students. Even if the teacher punishes the child for standing still, the parents, especially the grandparents, will go to the school and the education bureau and ask the teacher to apologize. If a teacher cannot help but beat the child, the consequences will be even more disastrous. The teacher will lose face and be ruined at worst. Fired from teaching position, lost job. After the teacher was \”bitten by a snake\”, he had no choice but to ignore the naughty children. In September last year, a female teacher from a middle school in Heilongjiang Province got into an argument with an unruly student while managing order in the corridor between classes, which then escalated into a scolding. During this period, the teacher said: \”Let me tell you, I am no longer a teacher, and I can\’t spoil you!\” But this sentence failed to save the teacher\’s job. In the end, the teacher was investigated, dismissed, and transferred. this school. At that time, this teacher was the vice principal who was praised by everyone in the school. Although it is wrong for a teacher to say bad words when he or she is emotional, the sentence \”I will not tolerate you if the teacher is inappropriate\” also expresses the sentiments that many teachers dare not control. As the saying goes, \”It is the fault of the father if he does not teach; it is the fault of the teacher if he is not strict in teaching.\” But now parents are reluctant to teach, teachers dare not strictly control, and the relationship between father and son and teacher-student is completely distorted. This is the helplessness of teachers and the tragedy of Chinese education. Taiwanese writer Long Yingtai also encountered a \”naughty child\” when he was on a plane some time ago. They kept arguing. Long Yingtai did not stand up to the child.During critical education, he did not try to communicate with his parents, but put on headphones and tolerated it. Long Yingtai\’s way of handling this is not an exception. Most people who encounter \”naughty children\” just mind their own business and tolerate it as long as they can. Because in daily life, there are too many news about “naughty children” being beaten up after being disciplined. On the high-speed train from Shanghai to Ningbo, a foreign expert reminded the naughty child to keep his voice down, but was slapped by the bear\’s parents. The slap was so hard that the expert\’s left eyeball bleeds ▼ A girl in Nanning reminded the naughty child while watching a movie Don\’t kick the stool. After the game was over, the bear\’s parents grabbed him and beat him violently. This resulted in contusions on the soft tissue of his arm, stinging pain, and congestion in his right eye. Others didn\’t care about the naughty child, and neither did his relatives. Not everyone can be as courageous and upright as the girl mentioned at the beginning of the article. One netizen complained that when she was 8 months pregnant and visiting relatives, she was hit in the stomach by a 7-year-old naughty child. So she gave the child a few words, but the other parent said: \”Why are you so stingy? It\’s not like you have never given birth to a child. It\’s okay, why bother with a child?\” From then on, the two families had no contact with each other. There are many things that hurt the peace between the two families because they taught a relative\’s child a lesson, so when a naughty child comes to the family, most people either tolerate it or avoid it. Others share \”anti-kid prevention strategies\” online, such as unplugging computer network cables, locking valuables in closets, and setting mobile phones to airplane mode. Instead of stopping their children from making mistakes, they beat and alienate those who discipline them. Such parents may appear to be protecting their children for a while, but in fact they are harming their children for the rest of their lives. Treat your kindness as a donkey\’s liver and lungs. From now on, no one will ever tell you that your child is uneducated. No one can control today\’s children, and the main culprit is the parents. Parents have been reluctant to take care of their children since they were young, so teachers naturally don\’t dare to take care of them, and others will even less take care of them. Gradually, more and more children became lawless, and even did many things that were harmful to nature, money and life: because they thought the construction outside the building was too noisy and prevented them from watching cartoons, in anger, a 10-year-old child on the 8th floor The boy used a knife to cut the safety rope under the construction workers outside the building… The 5-year-old boy carried the 2-year-old girl into the elevator, pressed the button for the 18th floor and left immediately. As a result, a 2-year-old girl fell to her death after stepping out of the elevator on the 18th floor. Unexpectedly, the guardrail on the 18th floor happened to be damaged. After the little girl reached the 18th floor, she walked toward the light, missed the step, and unfortunately fell to her death. Two naughty children were playing on the top floor, throwing mineral water bottles, wooden sticks, cans, bricks, etc. downstairs in sequence. As a result, they hit pedestrians passing by and died after the hospital failed to rescue them. And this girl who innocently lost her life was getting married in two months. The only thing between a \”naughty child\” and a murderer is a parent who is reluctant to take care of his child. It\’s a pity that some parents don\’t realize it, and they regret it until one day their children get into a big disaster. Remember this news? A naughty child poured water on the keys of a relative\’s piano. The child\’s parents excused him by saying, \”Oh, my kid is not sensible.\” They even said, \”I\’m kind enough to help you wash the piano.\” The relative didn\’t want to get angry, so he smiled and praised the naughty kid for doing a good job – and then the naughty kid kept up the good work, \”washed\” an imported piano worth more than RMB 600,000 with Coke in a shopping mall, and was claimed for depreciation of RMB 198,000. Remember the Li Tianyi rape case? Li Tianyi, the son of singer Li Shuangjiang, was sentenced to 10 years in prison on suspicion of gang rape. Afterwards, Li Shuangjiang blamed himself very much, because it was because he had been reluctant to take care of his children since he was a child that he made them lawless when they grew up. Someone once asked Li Shuangjiang if he beats his children? Li Shuangjiang said: \”If I don\’t fight, I can\’t bear to do it. Sometimes I really want to fight, but I can\’t. Let\’s persuade and scare. Before I fight, my tears fall first…\” If you are reluctant to educate your child, society will severely educate him. ! I believe that most parents know the disadvantages of spoiling, but why are there so many parents reluctant to take care of their children? Those parents who are reluctant to discipline their children may not be \”bear parents\”, nor do they want to discipline their children. Maybe some parents are not sure about the boundary between love and discipline, and are afraid that if they say a harsh word during discipline, they will be hurt. Leave a shadow, kid. Many parents are controlled by their children\’s cries. William Sears, MD, said in his book \”Encyclopedia of Intimacy Parenting\”: \”Love begins with discipline.\” Love and discipline do not conflict. Discipline is based on love and care for children. When parents discipline their children not to make loud noises in public, they want their children to become people who abide by public order. Parents discipline their children to respect the elderly and love the young because they want their children to become morally noble people. When parents discipline their children not to hit, scold or harm others, they want their children to become law-abiding people. There is a very interesting phenomenon. Why do children not dare to explore when there are no guardrails in the scenic area? But once there are guardrails, children dare to explore, because the guardrails are to protect them. Only with protection can they dare to explore. Go explore. Discipline is the protection of children. Children who have not received discipline since childhood do not know what they can and cannot do. In fact, deep down in their hearts, children long for their parents to discipline them authoritatively, so that they can feel safe. After understanding this, I believe many parents dare to let go and discipline their children. However, you also need to pay attention to skills in disciplining children. Hitting and scolding children is negative discipline, while positive discipline should be to tell the child why you discipline him in this way. For example, forcing a child to go to bed quickly by scolding and beating him is negative discipline. But if you say to your child: \”It\’s time for you to go to bed, baby. Because your body will be healthier and more beautiful if you get enough sleep (or your soccer skills will be better).\” \”Go and put away the toys now. Because after putting them away, you Next time you want to play, you can find it right away!\” This is positive discipline. When a child feels that his parents love and care about him by disciplining him in this way, he will naturally obey the discipline. Dr. Dobson, an American family education expert, said that the first principle of disciplining children is to let them learn to respect and obey their parents. Liu Tao once appeared on \”Jin Xing Talk Show\” and Jin Xing asked her the secret of education. Liu Tao also said: \”A child must have someone who can control him.\” Therefore, please be the person who can control your child. Without discipline, you will not understand the rules of survival. If you do not understand the rules of survival, you will inevitably make mistakes. Once you make a mistake, you are likely to harm others and yourself, destroy your own future, and fall into an abyss..

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