Why do some newborns have wrinkled faces when they are born?

Why are babies born wrinkled? When the fetus is in the womb, it is soaked in amniotic fluid. In order to protect the fetal skin, the fetus is wrapped in vernix. The white vernix is ​​a protective layer that wraps the fetus in the womb, isolates the fetus\’ skin from the amniotic fluid, and has an antibacterial effect, and it still plays a protective role after the child is born. What is the Life Guide for Pregnant and Expectant Mothers PDF After the fetus is cleaned by medical staff, the vernix will be removed, so that the baby\’s skin will gradually dry out and become flaky and scaly, with some peeling, redness and wrinkles. A lot, and it looks wrinkled. These conditions are temporary. As the baby develops and the body absorbs the hematoma, these changes will disappear completely as early as one week and as late as three months.

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